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New social PhD association

The work in the PhD building is off to a good start, but now a special group will be responsible for the activities.

While the AUPA general meeting was being held, a group was also elected to be responsible for the social activities in the recently established PhD building.
However, the new member of the board, PhD student Zsuzsanna Sükösd, reports that the work is already well underway.
"There have been activities running in the building for over a year already, but they have been arranged by the PhD associations at the university. Now we are a more independent group, although we still have close ties to the associations, and we welcome any suggestions for activities from PhD students."

A building for everyone

Zsuzsanna Sükösd notes that the international students, who come to Denmark without a network, have a particular need for a venue like the PhD building, but the new committee will make an effort to ensure the building has something to offer both Danish and international students.
"In the spirit of internationalisation, we believe it is important not only to reach out to international students, but also to encourage natural interaction between international and Danish students."

Activities in the PhD building

10 November 2011
Presenting a thesis
Learn what to do and when, and benefit from the experiences of others.

This event is being held in
Dale's Cafe from 2.00-4.00 pm.

19 November 2011
Self-employed in Denmark?
Will you be taking over or starting your own company? Are you considering being self-employed? Come to this event at the Incuba Science Park. For more information and to register: www.startvaekst.dk/entrepreneurshipindenmark.dk

8 December 2011
Post PhD research
What is it like to work in the research industry? How can
research be combined with
clinical work at hospitals, etc.?

This event is being held in
Dale's Cafe from 2.00-4.00 pm.