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What do the Danes actually eat?

AU and Studenterhus Aarhus are repeating the successful "Internationalize with us" programme, which matches Danish families with international postdocs and PhD scholars.

Is it true that the Danes are just as cold as the Danish winter? And do they really like rye bread, liver pâté and soused herrings for dinner? The "Internationalize with us" cultural exchange programme is a chance for international PhD scholars and postdocs to discover the real truth about the Danes. The initiative has been set up by Aarhus University, a company called COWI, and Studenterhus Aarhus.
The programme matches international guests with Danish hosts consisting of employees working for COWI, Danske Bank, Bech-Bruun and the Municipality of Aarhus. What happens is that the Danish hosts invite international guests for dinner several times during the course of the programme. In addition, the participants all meet occasionally to share a meal together or visit the companies taking part in the scheme.
“We know a lot of international PhD scholars and researchers who like living in Denmark, but who never meet any Danes once they get home from work. They want to learn a bit more about the Danes and Danish culture, and we’re delighted to be able to help,” explains Anne P. Langer, who is AU’s International Coordinator.
“We ran the programme for the first time last year, and there was plenty of positive feedback. So we’re starting a new group again this year, and so far we’ve found 30 matches,” says Anne Thorø Nielsen, the Executive Manager of Studenterhus Aarhus.

Better matchmaking

A few adjustments have been made following an evaluation of the previous programme. Among other things, the organisers have decided to focus on a more careful matchmaking process.
“We’ve produced a more detailed questionnaire allowing the participants to choose whether they want to be matched on the basis of their interests, language abilities or educational background,” explains Anne Thorø Nielsen.  

The new programme was launched at the start of November and will run until the spring of 2013.If you are interested in taking part, please contact Studenterhus Aarhus for more information about "Internationalize with us".