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AU Keyfigures 2016


B1. Student FTEs, ordinary education, 2013-2016

B2. No. of students, 2013-2016

B3. Student admissions to Bachelor’s degree programmes, 2013-2016

B4. Minimum average mark for admission to BA/BSc programmes

B5. First-choice applications to Bachelor’s degree programmes

B6a. Admissions on Master’s degree programmes, 2013-2016

B6b. Recruitment to Master’s degree programmes, 2016

B7. BA/BSc degrees awarded, 2013-2016

B8. MA/MSc degrees awarded 2013-2016

B9. Median age of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree graduates in 2016

B10. Exchange students, 2013-2016

B11. Further and continuing education, 2013-2016

B12. AU Summer University, 2013-2016


Keyfigures Students

PhD Students

C1. Enrolled PhD students, 2013-2016

C2. Approved PhD dissertations, 2013-2016

C3. Newly admitted PhD students, 2013-2016

C4. Other key figures relating to PhD students in 2016


Keyfigures PhD Students


F1A. No. employees in 2016 by faculty and job category (FTEs)

F1B. No. of employees in 2016 by faculty and job category

F2A. Age distribution of employees in 2016 by job category

F2B. Age distribution of employees in 2016 by job category (number of employees)

F3A. Gender distribution of employees in 2016 by job category (FTEs)

F3B. Gender distribution of employees in 2016 by job category (number of employees)


Keyfigures Staff

Research and dissemination

D1. Academic publications, 2015-2016

D2. Bibliometric research indicators

D3. External research funding by source of financing and faculty 2015-2016


Keyfigures Research and dissemination


E1. Innovation 2013-2016

E2. Public lectures 2013-2016

E3. No. of visitors to associated museums in 2013-2016


Keyfigures Collaboration


G1. Income statement for 2016 by faculty

G2. Income and costs by primary categories (internal accounts) 2015-2016

G3. Costs by purpose 2016


Keyfigures Finances

Buildings and green accounts

H1. Green accounts 2013 - 2016

H2. Area specification in m2 2013-2016


Keyfigures Buildings and green accounts

10-year time series

A1. Key figures for students 2007-2016

A2. Key figures for staff and research 2007-2016

A3. Financial key figures for 2007-2016


10-year time series

AU Key Figures presents significant key figures for Aarhus University for the year and is intended to provide a common frame of reference for information on the university’s research and educational activities, talent development, knowledge exchange, staff, finances and buildings. The information is primarily for internal use, but is also included in the performance reporting in the annual report, in reports to ministries and in Universities Denmark’s statistics.

Except for a small number of tables, the key figures are specified for the four faculties Arts, Science and Technology, Health and Aarhus BSS as well as for shared services, which include the central administration, the university’s strategic funds (USM), the university buildings as well as the Sino-Danish Centre for Education and Research (SDC) and the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS). A few of the figures may be imprecise because they have been rounded up or down.

All financial key figures have been converted from Danish kroner to euros at a rate of EUR 1 = DKK 7.4344.