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The Jutland Maternity Home in October 1910. (Photographer unknown).

The Jutland Maternity Home was inaugurated on 9 October 1910. No foundation stone was laid when construction began, but a silver plate, which later disappeared, was built into the wall. The silver plate had the following inscription:

“This building was erected by means of state funds as a refuge for homeless women in labour and their infants and to help all women in labour who come to us. The maternity home was inaugurated on 9 October in 1910, the year of reign of King Frederik VIII’s by Minister of Justice Fritz Bylow”.

Source: Marianne Ritzau: “Fødeselsanstalten i Jylland - debatten om oprettelsen” (The Jutland Maternity Home – the debate on the establishment (in Danish) in Dit Århus. Publication to commemorate Gunner Rasmussen on 15 February 1990, “The old Town”, Series II, p. 213).

The first director of the Jutland Maternity Home was Victor Albeck(1869-1933), 

who not only became the fourth consultant in Aarhus in 1910, but who also spearheaded the battle for the establishment of a university in Aarhus.

In 2000, the building reopened as the Health Sciences Library, now renamed the Victor Albeck Building.



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