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Aarhus Students' Association

Aarhus Students' Association (Studenterforeningen i Aarhus) was founded in 1928 as a meeting place for academic life connected to the University of Aarhus and became renowned for its many cultural and debating arrangements over the years. Artists were nominated for honours, modern art was discussed, and so were themes such as 'The Intellectual Woman' or 'Young Marriage', and not least were the memorable literary evenings, at which a host of the best-known Danish authors took the stage. Right from 1930, the Students' Association was desperate for a student building, but by the time this came to fruition the association was on its last legs, eventually passing quietly away in the 1970's.

Aarhus Students' Association was not, as might be assumed, founded by students, but rather by 'older' academics who were already in Aarhus at the time of the university's inauguration. The association was already prepared to launch itself when the very first students registered for the start of university education in September 1928. It wasn't exactly cheap to be a member, but the events it arranged had a certain style. A sub-section of Aarhus Students' Association was Musiske Studenter, a student drama and poetry society, which was founded in 1941, and really made its mark with productions of classical and modern drama. Tage Skou-Hansen's first novel De nøgne Træer (The Naked Trees, 1957) gives a vivid portrayal of a Christmas event organised by Musiske Studenter during the German Occupation.


The entry procession to the Aarhus Students' Association's ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the academic year in the Great Hall, 1950. (Photo Johannes Fossgreen. University History Committee).