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Seeing ourselves as others see us

What’s it like to study in another country far from home, and far from your friends and loved ones? Why choose Aarhus? How easy is it to make Danish friends? These are just three of the questions that UNIvers has asked five international students and researchers. Some of them have been here for a couple of months, while others have been here for years. But they all have an opinion about Denmark and Aarhus University.

An international environment

Robert Blank leaves the USA to work abroad for 8-9 months every year. Even so, in some ways he feels that his Danish colleagues are more international than he is. For four months each year he is a visiting professor at Aarhus University.

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A future in Denmark?

Patricia Cuenca Martin likes her degree programme, but is less confident about job opportunities back home in Spain. So she may stay on in Aarhus for longer than the year she originally planned.

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You don’t have to say ‘sir’ to anyone

It was a Danish teacher in the UK that originally inspired economics professor Philipp Schröder to try Aarhus University.

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Danish in Norwegian

A great study environment is one of the reasons why Lene Sundalskleiv from Norway chose to do a large proportion of her degree programme at Aarhus University. And the fact that she already understood Danish does give her an advantage compared with other international students.

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Language is the key to a new culture

A completely new language and a good supervisor. These were the factors that tipped the scales when Jake Gulliksen from New Zealand chose a university for his PhD degree.

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