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Faculty of Agricultural Sciences      (2011 >)


The Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences became part of the University of Aarhus in 2007, and is now known as “Faculty of Agricultural Sciences”. The faculty is concerned with basic strategic and application-oriented experimental research and innovation. The new faculty’s research activities are based both in Foulum and at a number of sites elsewhere in Denmark. Foulumgård was established as a research station when the Research Centre Foulum was set up in 1983, and consists of a number of properties which were purchased at the site.

The Research Centre Foulum is the largest unit under Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. Most of the research into animal husbandry and plants takes place at Foulum. In addition, Foulum takes part in interdisciplinary research into ecology, livestock production and livestock welfare. The Research Centre Foulum has buildings covering an area of about 100,000 square metres, with land attached covering about 550 hectares. The dean and administration of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences are based at Foulum – as are the Communication Unit and IT Function.

The Faculty also conducts research at centres in Bygholm, Årslev, Flakkebjerg and Sorgenfri, as well as running four experimental stations.

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