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The Management of the University

The University of Aarhus operated as an independent institution up to 1970, when (under the first Higher Education Act) it became a state-owned Institute of Higher Education. As a consequence, the University Association and the Municipality both dropped out of the university's governing body. Nevertheless, even as a state institution, the university continues to work in close co-operation with the city authorities, business community and other institutions, of which Aarhus Science Park is a fine example. With the Universities Act of 1992, circles outside of the university again gained representation within the governing body. According to the Universities Act of 2003, the universities are governed by a university board. Rector, deans and heads of department are no longer elected by staff and students, but appointed by the board. The board commenced in January 2004. In August 2005, it appointed a rector, who appointed five deans in December 2005.


Student unrest. Demokraten. 23rd February 1969. (University History Committee).


After four years as rector and pro-rector respectively, Professor Søren Sørensen (1920-2001) (left) and Professor Sigvard Kaae (1913-2001) took their leave of the university's administration on the 1st June 1971. (University History Committee).