Aarhus Universitets segl

Doctorates and PhDs 1997

Oversigt over doktorgrader og Ph.D.-grader tildelt af Aarhus Universitet.

Faculty of Science


Efforts to Develop Methods for Selective Substitution at the Anomeric Centre of Carbohydrates
By Mikael Bols (p.85)

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Essays on Contingent Claim Pricing
By Jesper Andreasen (p.245)

Worst Case Efficient Data Structures
By Gerth Stølting Brodal (p.249)

Quark-Gluon Plasma in the Universe
By Michael Bjerring Christiansen (p.251)

A Hierarchy of Coupled Cluster Models for Accurate Calculations of Molecular Properties
By Ove Christiansen (p.253)

Investigation of natural and artificial mutants of short- and medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenases
By Thomas Juhl Corydon (p.256)

Sexual selection and Reproductive Success in the Linnet (Carduelis cannabina)
By Jan Drachmann (p.259)

The Splicing and Dimerisation of Genomic HIV-1 RNA
By Helle Dyhr-Mikkelsen (p.261)

Investigations into the Structure/Function Relationship of RAP
­ the *2Macroglobulin Receptor Associated Protein

By Lars Ellgaard (p.263)

Transcriptional Control and Pathogenic Properties of the Lymphomagenic Murine Retrovirus SL3-3 Investigated via Enhancer Variants Selected during Tumorigenesis
By Steen Ethelberg (p.266)

Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Upper Cenozoic Deposits in the North Sea based on Conventional and 3-D Seismic Data and Well-logs
By Ulrik Gregersen (p.269)

Aspects of Neutrino Physics in the Early Universe
By Steen Hannestad (p.272)

Nitrogen Inputs to Semi-natural Ecosystems: Atmospheric Deposition and Weathering
By Birgitte Hansen (p.275)

Microbial processes in coastal sediments
By Jens Würgler Hansen (p.278)

Swim Training, Muscle Na + /K + -ATPase, Arterial Plasma Potassium and the Critical Swimming Speed of Rainbow Trout
By Karin Holk (p.281)

The Structuring Effect of Submerged Macrophytes on Fish Interactions in Lakes
By Lene Jacobsen (p.284)

Studies on Two LDL Receptor Related Receptors. The Chicken Vitellogenin Receptor and Human sorLA-1 ­ a Novel Mosaic Receptor
By Linda Jacobsen (p.287)

Optoelectronic Terahertz Switching
By Rune Hylsberg Jacobsen (p.290)

Allylic Amination and Chiral Lewis Acids, and the Catalytic Asymmetric Diels-Alder Reaction
By Mogens Johannsen (p.292)

Hydrogen Abstraction and Other Radical Reactions in Organic Chemistry
By Niels Them Kjær (p.294)

Pericellular Interactions of the Serpin Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1
By Lars Kjøller (p.296)

Diffusion, Nucleation and Growth of Pt on Pt Surfaces Studied by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
By T.R. Linderoth (p.300)

Gene Therapy: the Development and Application of Transfection Methods and In Situ Techniques
By Tommy Byskov Lund (p.302)

Structure, Floristic Composition and Dynamics of Woody Savanna Vegetation
­ Studies from Fathala Forest in Delta du Saloum National Park, Senegal
By Anne Mette Lykke (p.303)

Experimental investigations of the Interaction of Multi-GeV Particles with Strong Crystalline Fields
­ and Applications in High Energy Beamlines
By Ulrik Mikkelsen (p.307)

Coloured Petri Nets
­ a Pragmatic Formal Method for Designing and Analysing Distributed Systems
By Kjeld Høyer Mortensen (p.311)

Analysis of Potentially Radiation-Sensitive DNA: A Possible Role For Interstitial Telomeric Sequences
By Helle Moving (p.315)

Protein Chemical Studies of Bone Matrix Proteins and Gastric Aspartic Proteinases and their Zymogens
By Peter Kresten Nielsen (p.317)

Transcriptional Regulation of the Murine Leukemia Virus Akv by the Activator ALF1 and the Repressor ZEB2 via an E-box Target Sequence
By Peder Lisby Nørby (p.318)

Inference in Semiparametric Frailty Models
By Erik Parner (p.320)

Variation in Social and Genetic Structure in the Red Ant, Myrmica Sulcinodis
By Jes Søe Pedersen (p.322 )

Eukaryotic Type I DNA Topoisomerases ­ Structure-Function Relationships and Catalytic Mechanism
By Birgitte Østergaard Petersen (p.325)

Asymmetric, Catalytic Preparation of Vinyl-epoxides and Aziridine-2-carboxylates
By Kaare Gyberg Rasmussen (p.328)

Paleomagnetic Investigations:
Magnetostratigraphy and Paleointensity of West Greenland Basalts, Archaeomagnetic Dating and Experimental Aspects of Paleofield Determination

By Peter Riisager (p.331)

Dirac Operators and Analysis on Open Manifolds
By Gorm Salomonsen (p.333)

Evolution of Plant Mating Systems
­ Population Genetic Models Based on Observations of Arabis petraea (Brassicaceae)
By Mikkel Heide Schierup (p.335)

Electron-Ion Collision Studies at ASTRID
By Lise Vejby-Christensen (p.338)

Contributions to the Statistical Modelling of Image Data and Spatial Point Patterns
By Rasmus Waagepetersen (p.340)

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Faculty of Theology


Diapraxis and Dialogue between Christians and Muslims
By Lissi Rasmussen (p.75)

The Crucified King
The Theme of Christology and Discipleship in Mark's Passion Narrative
By Niels Willert (p.82)


Drink-offering and Libation in Temple and on Alter
By Pernille Carstens (p.224)

The Son of Man
By Jens Christensen (p.227)

An Analysis of the Foundation of Ethics in Paul, Including the Question of its Present Relevance, Illustrated through the Works of Emil Brunner
By Birgitte Graakjær Hjort (p.231)

Environmental Ethics. Establishing the Discipline in a Danish Context
By Martin Ishøy (p.235)

Feminist Ethics as a Resource for Bioethics and General Ethics
By Lena Kjems (p.238)

Mysticism and Cognition
­ the Cognitive Development of John of the Cross as Revealed in his Works
By Birgitta Mark (p.242)

See also other dissertations (p.343)

Faculty of Social Sciences


Ministerial Responsibility
By Jens Peter Christensen (p.62)

Residence Rights and Maintenance
Maintenance requirements under the Aliens Act and social welfare regulations concerning foreign nationals' eligibility for social benefits
By Jens Vedsted-Hansen (p.69)


Financial leasing
­ the rental and leasing of business property
By Poul Gade (p.186)

The Regulation of Waste in the Light of European Community Law
By Tine Sommer (p.188)

Control of Contractors' Transfers
­ with special reference to division arrangements in construction financing
By Anne-Marie Nørholt Thomsen (p.191)

Managing Uncertainty in Transnational Headquarters
­ Subsidiary Interfaces
­ Danish Companies in Japan and Germany
By Lars Bonderup Bjørn (p.193)

Alternative Organisational Forms in National Health Care
A Comparative Study of Economic Efficiency in Private Companies and Hospital Departments in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands

By Lars Ehlers (p.195)

Policy Networks under Pressure: Pollution Control, Policy Reform and the Power of Farmers
By Carsten Daugbjerg (p.196)

Western Use of Coercive Diplomacy after the Cold War
­ a Challenge for Theory and Practice
By Peter Viggo Jakobsen (p.197)

The Politics of Institutional Control
­ Corporatism in Danish Occupational Safety and Health. Regulation and Unemployment Insurance, 1870-1995

By Asbjørn Sonne Nørgaard (p.200)

Health Care Reforms in Britain and Denmark: the Politics of Economic Success and Failure
By Thomas Pallesen (p.204)

National and Sub-national Elites: Women in Chinese Politics 1949­1990
By Qi Wang (p.208 )

Moments of Recollection
­ a study of involuntary autobiographical memories
By Dorthe Berntsen (p.211)

Strain in Old Age
By Karen Munk (p.214)

Residential Psychotherapeutic Treatment of Non-psychotic Patients
By Mads Uffe Pedersen (p.217)

Psychological Studies of Reading Inclinations and Understanding
By Uffe Seilman (p.219)

The Acquisition of Spatial Relational Terms in Danish and English: a Cognitive Linguistic Analysis
By Lis Astorp Thorseng (p.221)

See also other dissertations (p.343)

Faculty of Health Sciences


The Effect of Growth Hormone on Colonic Healing
By Henrik Christensen (p.12)

Epidemiological, Immunogenetic and Immunotherapeutic Aspects of Unexplained Recurrent Miscarriage
By Ole B. Christiansen (p.17)

Linkage Analysis between Bipolar Affective Disorder and Autosomal Candidate Genes and Regions
By Henrik Ewald (p.20)

Persistent Somatization
By Per Fink (p.21)

Ambulatory Blood Pressure in Insulin-dependent Diabetes: the Relation to Stages of Diabetic Kidney Disease
By Klavs Würgler Hansen (p.25)

Human Transcobalamin and its Isopeptides
By Mads Hansen (p.27)

The Role of Leukotriene A4 Hydrolase/Aminopeptidase in Transcellular Leukotriene B4 Synthesis in Human Epidermis
By Lars Iversen (p.29)

The Structure and Function of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-2 (PAI-2)
By Poul Henning Jensen (p.35)

Regulation of Renal Sodium and Water Excretion in the Nephrotic Syndrome and Cirrhosis of the Liver
By Bente Jespersen (p.37)

Alphoid Repetitive DNA in Human Chromosomes
By Arne Lund Jørgensen (p.40)

Growth Hormone, Skin and Wound Healing
­ experimental studies in the rat
By Peter Holmberg Jørgensen (p.41 )

Cellular and Molecular Effects of Growth Hormone and Estrogen on Human Bone Cells
By Moustapha Kassem (p.45 )

Discrete Localisation of DNA Sequences by PRimed IN Situ Labelling (PRINS)
­ an account of the birth and evolution of a DNA analysis technique

By Jørn Koch (p.47)

Nutrition and Diabetes Mellitus: Influence of Carbohydrate and Monounsaturated Fat on the Intermediary Metabolism
By Ole Winther Rasmussen (p.53)

Creatine Kinase Isoenzyme MB Mass, Cardiac Troponin T, and Myosin Light Chain Isotype 1 as Serological Markers of Myocardial Injury and their Prognostic Importance in Acute Coronary Syndrome
By Jan Ravkilde (p.55)

The Nigrostriatal System
­ an Experimental Slice Culture Study of the Postnatal Rat with a Description of the Pig Mesencephalon
By Karen Østergaard (p.59)

See also other dissertations (p.343)


Thromboprophylaxis in Elective Hip Surgery and its Relation to Long-term Survival
By Birthe Søgaard Andersen (p.122 )

Experimental Investigations of the Pathogenesis of Tympanosclerosis
­ with special references to the study of the components of the extracellular matrix
Susanne Blegvad (p.124)

Caustic Ingestion in Children
­ incidence rates, prevention, course and prognosis
By Henrik Boye Thybo Christesen (p.126)

Membrane Traffic, Transcytotic Membrane Vehicle and Megalin in Renal Proximal Tubules
­ experimental electron microscopical studies of albumin uptake, membrane recycling and trans-cytosis in microperfused proximal tubules in vivo
By Shiying Cui (p.128)

Studies of 5-HT 3 Functioning in Alcohol-dependence by Combined Use of Behavioural Animal Models and Microdialysis
By Robert Elbrønd (p.131)

Eye Irritation in Relation to Airborne Chemicals
By Anne Hempel-Jørgensen (p.134)

Streptococcus mitis biovar 1 in the Human Oral Cavity and Pharynx
­ studies on serology, population dynamics, and antigenicity in relation to salivary antibodies
By Jesper Hohwy (p.137 )

Nocturnal Enuresis
­ an evaluation of sleep and arousal with relation to DDAVP treatment and the antidiuretic effect of imipramine
By Jens Makholm Hunsballe (p.139)

Coagulation and Fibrinolysis in Patients Undergoing Surgery for Colorectal Cancer
­ as assessed by sensitive markers
By Lene Hjerrild Iversen (p.141)

The Differential Expression of Receptors and Enzymes of Importance for the Development and Metabolism of Adipose Cells
By Jens Dupont Børglum Jensen (p.144 )

The Role of the Renal Afferent Arterioles in the Pathogenesis of Hypertension and the Effect of Antihypertensive Treatment
By Karin Skov Jensen (p.146)

Variations in the LDL Receptor Gene
­ consequences for transcript levels

By Lillian Gryesten Jensen (p.149)

Nocturnal Blood Pressure and its Relation to Vasoactive Hormones
Lone Winther Jensen (p.151)

The Role of Cellular and Tissue Characteristics in the Development of Radiation Injuryin Normal Tissues
­ a Modelling Approach
By Libor Judas (p.154)

Antibodies against Pneumocystis Carinii in AIDS Patients
By Alex Lund Laursen (p.156 )

Treatment of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus with a Diet Rich in Monounsaturated Fatty Acids
By Finn Friis Lauszus (p.158 )

Cardiovascular Structure and Insulin Resistance in Essential Hypertension. Effects of Low versus High-dose ACE-inhibition
By Birgitte Mørn (p.160)

Urethrovesical Interaction
­ evaluated by MRI and a biomechanical model
By Lise Loft Nagel (p.162)

Bulky Carcinogen-DNA Adducts and Exposure to Environmental and Occupational Sources of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. The Influence of Susceptibility Genotypes on Adduct Level
By Per Sabro Nielsen (p.164)

Hypoxia Assessed by Oxygen Electrodes and 31 P Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Experimental and in Human Tumours
By Marianne Nordsmark (p.166)

The Influence of Polymorphic Xenobiotica Metabolising Enzymes in Susceptibility to Bladder Cancer
By Henrik Okkels (p.169)

Posterolateral Elbow Joint Instability
By Bo Sanderhoff Olsen (p.171)

Pathophysiological Features in IDDM Patients with Normo- and Early Micro-albuminuria
By Per Løgstrup Poulsen (p.174 )

Anorectal Physiology Studies in Normal Women
­ Associations with Parity and Age & Repeatability of Tests
By Allan M. Ryhammer (p.176)

Risk Factors of Subfecundity, Low Birth Weight and Premature Births with Special Emphasis on Occupational Exposures in Southern Thailand
By Pitchaya Tuntiseranee (p.179)

Growth Hormone Secretion and Action in Healthy Adults
­ the influence of age, sex and body composition
By Nina Vahl (p.181)

Microalbuminuria ­ is the Phenomenon Inherited?
By Else Vestbo (p.184)

See also other dissertations (p.343)

Faculty of Arts


See other dissertations (p.343)


Ilya Kabakov and the Affected Ridicule of the Sublime
An iconography of aesthetic theory turned upside down
By Jan Bäcklund (p.87)

Our Communal Future: Sustainable Development, Social Identification and the Politics of Representation in Ladakh
By Kristoffer Brix Bertelsen (p.91)

Heritage Exhibited 
A Study of National Culture in the Arabic Gulf Countries ­ Presented Through the History and Politics of Museum Practices.
By Christel Braae (p.93)

The Talk Show: Portrait of a Television Genre
By Hanne Bruun (p.96)

From Mode to Key
An Investigation of European Modal/Tonal Theories in the Seventeenth Century
By Thomas Holme Hansen (p.100)

Autonomy and Bio-ethics
By Henrik Jørgensen (p.103)

Kierkegaard's relation to Plato
Volume one: Idea, instant, double-movement
By Henrik Klindt-Jensen (p.106 )

Stanislavsky's Theatre Concepts
A conceptual analysis of theatre concepts in the four major works of Konstantin Stanislavsky. The special focus of the analysis is terminological interrelations between the actor's basic narratives, working concepts, and imagery
By Annelis Kuhlmann (p.110)

No Nation is an Island
Language, Culture, and National Identity in the Faroe Islands
By Tom Nauerby (p.114 )

Episcopal Translations, Political Thought, and Canon Law. A Study of Pope Innocent III
By Torben Kjersgaard Nielsen (p.118)

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