Aarhus Universitets segl

Doctorates and PhDs 1998

Oversigt over doktorgrader og Ph.D.-grader tildelt af Aarhus Universitet.

Faculty of Science


Subwavelength Apertureless Light Confinement
Near-field phase conjugation, holography and surface polariton localisation
By Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi (p.101)

Ultrafast Switches
By Søren Rud Keiding (p.106)

Experimental Investigations of Stopping Power and Straggling for Very Low and Very High Energy aParticles of Positive and Negative Charge
By Søren Pape Møller (p.116)


Thermal Insulation Ceramics for High Temperature Applications
By Flemming Bay Andersen (p.368)

The Protection of Micromechanical Sensors with Metallic Glasses
By Per Ellemose Andersen (p.370)

Ultrasound detection in cod
By Jens Astrup (p.373)

Collaboration, Coordination, and Computer Support
An activity theoretical approach to the design of computer supported cooperative work
By Jakob E. Bardram (p.375)

Quantum Optics in Structured Radiation Reservoirs
By Søren Bay (p.377)

Proteolysis and Cheese Ripening
The effect of whey proteins on proteolytic enzyme-systems of relevance to the cheese ripening process
By Connie Benfeldt (p.380)

Nitrogen Removal in Riparian Areas
By Gitte Blicher-Mathiesen (p.384)

Sulphate-reducing Bacteria from Hypersaline Environments: Ecology, Physiology, and Phylogeny
By Kristian Koefoed Brandt (p.386)

The Homology of Orthogonal Groups; Topological Hochschild Homology of Z/p2)
By Morten Brun (p.390)

The Pattern Dynamics of Lamellar Phases
By Jacob Juhl Christensen (p.392)

MBE-grown Si 1-x Sn x alloys
By Mogens Feldthaus Fyhn (p.394)

Mode of Tree Death in Four Tropical Rain Forests
By Neil Gale (p.396)

New Adventures in Amplitude
By Jørgen Anders Geertsen (p.399)

The Recruitment Process in Baltic Cod (Gadus morhua L.): Larval Survival in a Stratified Environment
By Peter Grønkjær (p.402)

The Purification and Characterisation of a Lectin-like Set of Proteins Located in the Peribacteroid Space of Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Root Nodules
By Lise-Lotte Guldmann (p.406)

Applications of the Inverse Amplitude Method to Chiral Perturbation Theory
By Torben Hannah (p.408)

Functional Analyses of VsENBP1 Interacting with Regulatory cis-Elements in the Early Nodulin Pes ENOD12BPromoter
By Anette Chemnitz Hansen (p.411)

Martingale Methods in Contingent Claim Pricing and Asymmetric Financial Markets
By Asbjørn Trolle Hansen (p.414)

The CLP(OIH) Language
By Ole I. Hougaard (p.417)

Frustration and Disorder in Discrete Lattice Models
By Jesper Lykke Jacobsen (p.419)

HIV-1 Rev Nuclear Export Signal Binding Peptides Isolated by Phage Display
By Allan Jensen (p.421)

Some New Tilting Modules for SL3
By Jens G. Jensen (p.423)

Determinant Line Bundles, Chern-Simons Forms and Invariants
By Flemming Lindblad Johansen (p.425)

The Processing and Interpretation of Crustal Seismic Reflection Data from Deep Basins in the Central North Sea and Northern Jutland
By Lone Klinkby (p.426)

Investigating Spider Web-building Behaviour with Virtual Robots and Genetic Algorithms
By Thiemo Krink (p.429)

Development of Solid-State NMR RF-Coils and Spin-Echo Experiments for Char-acterization of Quadrupolar Nuclei in Static and Rotating Samples and 13C CP/MAS Studies of Polyisoprenes
By Flemming Hofmann Larsen (p.432)

The Development and Application of a Microscale Biosensor for Nitrate
By Lars Hauer Larsen (p.434)

Relational Reasoning about Functions and Nondeterminism
By Søren Bøgh Lassen (p.437)

The Northwest European Whooper Swan (Cygnus cygnus) Population
Ecological and management aspects of an increasing waterfowl population
By Bjarke Laubek (p.438)

Late Quaternary Geology and Recent Sedimentary Processes of the Jutland Bank Region, NE North Sea
By Jørgen O. Leth (p.441)

Passionflowers and their Birds, Bees and Butterflies
The ecology and evolution of pollination and herbivory in Passiflora
By Annika Büchert Lindberg (p.445)

Modelling Teletraffic - Towards New Dimensioning Methods
By Jørn Lodahl (p.448)

Electron Correlations in Narrow-band Solids
By Jesper Lægsgaard (p.450)

Strong Field Dynamics: Scattering and Multiphoton Ionisation
By Lars Bojer Madsen (p.453)

The Dynamics of Laser-cooled Ion Beams
By Niels Madsen (p.455)

Phosphate Release from Marine Sediments: by Diffusion, Advection and Resuspension
By Henning Matthiesen (p.459)

Recombinational Rescue of PBS-modified Murine Leukaemia Virus-based Vectors Mechanisms, specificity, and implications for retroviral RNA dimerisation and encapsidation
By Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen (p.462)

The Deposition of TiN Coatings Using Pulsed DC PACVD Plasma Investigation and Coating Characterisation
By Kristian Sten Mogensen (p.464)

The Genetic Structure of Salmonid Fish Populations
By Einar Eg Nielsen (p.467)

Seismic Crustal Investigations
Methodological studies and interpretation of data from the south-eastern North Sea
By Lars Nielsen (p.469)

Characterisation of regulatory elements in the Human Elongation Factor-1 alpha promoter
By Søren Jensby Nielsen (p.472)

Fundamental Ionisation Processes Studied by Particle/Antiparticle Impact
By Karen Paludan (p.474)

A Study of Theoretical and Practical Imaging and Noise Reduction Problems in Deep Seismic Data
By Morten Wendell Pedersen (p.477)

Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy Studies of Growth and Adsorption on Transition Metal Surfaces
By Morten Østergaard Pedersen (p.479)

Environmental Controls on Cyanobacterial Distribution: The Role of Irradiance
By Leslie Prufert-Bebout (p.481)

Some Modelling Results in the Area of Interplay between Statistics, Mathematical Finance, Insurance and Econometrics
By Tina Hviid Rydberg (p.484)

Insertional Mutagenesis in the Legume Lotus japonicus
The identification and isolation of symbiotic genes
By Leif Schauser (p.486)

2 and 3 Dimensional Systems Studied Using X-ray Crystallographic Techniques
By Thomas M. Schultz (p.488)

Reasoning about Reactive Systems
By Kim Sunesen (p.490)

Theoretical Studies of Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Pure Liquids and Solutions
By Kristian O. Sylvester-Hvid (p.493)

Nonclassical Light for Atomic Physics and Quantum Teleportation
By Jens Lykke Sørensen (p.495)

Towards a Relativistic Scott Correction
By Thomas Østergaard Sørensen (p.499)

Systematic and Taxonomic Studies in the Tribes Rondeletieae, Isertieae, and Hedyoti-deae (Rubiaceae) in SE Asia
By Christian Tange (p.503)

Flag Varieties, Toric Varieties and Characteristic p Geometry
By Jesper Funch Thomsen (p.506)

The Auditory Systems of Bats and Moths
Temporal integration in the noctuid ear. Arctiid moth clicks versus bat sonar
By Jakob Tougaard (p.509)

The Propagation of Quantum Light
By Bjarne Vestergaard (p.513)

Properties of Delta Scuti Stars
Observational techniques and results
By Michael Viskum (p.516)

Electrifying Denmark
A symmetrical history of central and decentral electricity supply until 1970
By Erik van der Vleuten (p.519)

Coalescent-based Models in Molecular Population Genetics
By Carsten Wiuf (p.523)

Faculty of Theology


'... Until it is Fulfilled ...' Eschatology in the Lucan Writings on the Basis of the Farewell Addresses, Luke 22:14-38 and Acts 20:18-35.
By Anders Eyvind Nielsen (p.89)

The Lotus and the Cross
A study of Karl Ludvig Reichelt's Mission Theology and Practice with particular regard to the first period of the Buddhist Mission as an independent organisation, 1926-29.
By Filip Riisager (p.94)


Ancient Greek Demonology from Mythos to Logos
By Lars Albinus (p.357)

The Worldview of Supernatural Ballads
An analysis of the supernatural and legendary ballads recorded in Karen Brahe's 'Ballad Collection' and in Anders Sørensen Vedel's 'One Hundred Selected Danish Ballads' and its sources from the point of view of the study of religion
By Rita Geertz (p.361)

The Kingdom of God in the Parables of the Gospel of Thomas
An analysis of select theological motifs
By Marianne Aagaard Skovmand (p.364)

Faculty of Social Sciences


See other dissertations (p.526)


The Political Economy of Lobby Groups
Applications to environmental policy, trade policy and rent-seeking
By Toke Skovsgaard Aidt (p.311)

Computer Rights
By Hanne Bender (p.313)

Studies in Macroeconomic Control of Local Government
By Jens Blom-Hansen (p.316)

The Right to Cross-examine Witnesses in Denmark
The European Convention on Human Rights Article 6 paragraph 3 (d)
By Marianne Holdgaard Bukh (p.319)

Labour Supply and Work Incentives
By Ebbe Krogh Graversen (p.322)

Aspects of Price and Quantity Adjustment Processes
By Per Svejstrup Hansen (p.325)

A Study in Economic Growth with some Policy Implications
By Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson (p.327)

Experiment subjects
The legal protection of human beings participating in biomedical research in Denmark
By Ulla Hybel (p.329)

War, State, Sovereignty, and Citizenship
By Lars Bo Kaspersen (p.332)

Patient Experiences of Psychotherapy
A qualitative interview study of patients in psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy
By Agnete Langagergaard (p.334)

Electricity Supply - Weighing out Considerations in a Sector Headed towards the Internal Market
By Bent Ole Gram Mortensen (p.338)

Restitution or extinguishment of property
A study concerning in particular extinguishment of rights over personal chattels by a bona fide transferee
By Peter Møller (p.342)

Musical Apprenticeship
Learning as socially situated at a music academy
By Klaus Nørgaard Nielsen (p.344)

Five Empirical Essays on Identifying Cointegrated Vector Autoregressive Systems
By Thórarinn G. Pétursson (p.348)

Sustainable Mobility at County Level in Denmark
By Ulla Steen (p.352)

Essays on Information and Learning in Rational Expectations Models
By Michael H. Stæhr (p.355)

See also other dissertations (p.526)

Faculty of Health Sciences


Post-stroke Depression and Pathological Crying: a Population-based Study
By Grethe Andersen (p.28)

The Epidemiology of Destructive Periodontal Disease
Causes, paradigms, problems, methods and empirical evidence
By Vibeke Bælum (p.31)

Aspects of Rabbit Sphincter of Oddi and Duodenal Motility
By Henrik Elbrønd (p.38)

Middle Ear Gas. Its Composition in the Normal and in the Tubulated Ear
A methodological and clinical study
By Jens Ulrik Felding (p.41)

Obstructive Nephropathy in the Pig
Aspects of renal hemodynamics and hormonal changes during acute unilateral ureteral obstruction
By Jørgen Frøkiær (p.43)

Familial Defective Apolipoprotein B-100
By Peter Steen Hansen (p.46)

On the Biomechanical Properties of the Cornea with Particular Reference to Refractive Surgery
By Jesper Ø. Hjortdal (p.53)

Objective Malignancy Grading: A Review Emphasising Unbiased Stereology Applied to Breast Tumours
By Morten Ladekarl (p.61)

Growth Factor Stimulation of Bone Healing
Effects on osteoblasts, osteotomies, and implants fixation
By Martin Lind (p.63)

Repetitive Magnetic Stimulation in Pathogenesis and Symptomatic Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
By Jørgen Feldbæk Nielsen (p.65)

Three-dimensional Methods for the Quan-tification of Cancellous Bone Architecture
By Anders Odgaard (p.71)

Relaxin in Human Reproduction
By Lone Kjeld Petersen (p.76)

Skin Wound Healing and Ischaemia
Studies on possible interventions
By Anne Quirinia (p.80)

The Influence of Radiographic Contrast Media on some Granulocyte Functions
By Finn Rasmussen (p.84)

Journey beyond immunology
Regulation of receptor internalization by major histocompatibility complex class I (MHC-I) and effect of peptides derived from HMHC-I
By Jan Stagsted (p.87)


Fecundity in Greenhouse Workers, Semen Quality, and Time to Pregnancy
By Annette Abell (p.156)

Endocytosis and the Intracellular Transport of Membrane and Membrane Proteins in the Renal Proximal Tubule
By Henrik Birn (p.159)

A Study of Prostate Cancer
Based on the natural history, therapeutic intervention and survival in citizens of Aarhus county diagnosed with prostate cancer in the five year period 01.01.1979-31.12.1983
By Michael Borre (p.162)

Glucose Modulation of the Glucose Transporter GLUT2 mRNA, the Insulin II mRNA, and the Insulin Release in the Glucose Sensitive Beta Cell-line INS-1
By Birgitte Brock (p.165)

Signal transduction in vascular smooth muscle
By Carsten Leander Buus (p.167)

Clinical and Radiological Outcome of Lumbar Spinal Fusion
By Finn Bjarke Christensen (p.169)

Measurement of changes in Kidney Volume in Experimental Diabetes and Pregnancy by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
By Thora Christiansen (p.172))

Coelocentesis - a New Method for Prenatal Diagnosis
By Dorthe Gylling Crüger (p.174)

Upstairs and Downstairs
Parents', doctors', and nurses' understanding and evaluation of quality related to the hospitalisation and treatment of children who are acutely ill
By Birgitte Dehlholm-Lambertsen (p.176)

Anabolic Effects of Intermittent Treatment with Parathyroid Hormone on Cancellous and Cortical Bone in Old Rats
By Charlotte Albjerg Ejersted (p.178)

Glycoconjugates in Relation to fertilisation
By Gitte V. Eriksen (p.180)

Research Potential of Administrative Registries for Studies of the Epidemiology of inflammatory bowel disease
By Kirsten Fonager (p.184)

Variation in the Gene for Lipoprotein Lipase
By Christian Gerdes (p.186)

Human and Rabbit Rectal and Internal Anal Sphincter Smooth Muscle
Physiological and Morphological Aspects and the Effect of Oophorectomy
By Ellen Birgitte Glavind (p.189)

Hormonal and Metabolic Aspects of Adult Turner Syndrome
By Claus Højbjerg Gravholt (p.192)

An Epidemiological Study of Sport, Objective Kneejoint Status and Knee Symptoms
By Thomas Hahn (p.194)

The Effect of Oophorectomy on Isolated Resistance Arteries and Peripheral Blood Flow
By Vibeke Brogaard Hansen (p.196)

Population Genetic and Epidemiologic Aspects of the Oral Microorganism, Actino-bacillus Actinomycetemcomitans with Special Reference to the Significance of the Leukotoxin
By Dorte Haubek (p.198)

The Use of Bone Histomorphometry in the Evaluation of Primary Osteoporosis and its Treatment. The Effect of Calcitonin, Bisphosphonate and Flouride Treatment on Cancellous Bone Remodeling
By Ellen Hauge (p.202)

Flow Cytometric Evaluation of the Function of the LDL Receptor, Apolipo protein B and Other Possible Ligands
By Finn Heath (p.204)

Welding, Psychosocial Stress, and Fertility
A follow-up study of time to pregnancy, early embryonal loss, and semen quality with special reference to welding and psychosocial stress
By Henrik Hjøllund (p.207)

Effects of Cyclosporine A and Rapamycin on Normal Human B Lymphocytes in vitro
By Nete Hornung (p.211)

The Reconstruction of Residual Cleft Defects with Mandibular Onlay Bone Grafts and Osseointegrated Implants
By John Jensen (p.213)

Brain Natriuretic Peptide Measurement in plasma and effects of infusion in healthy humans and in patients with chronic congestive heart failure
By Kaare Troels Jensen (p.216)

Variability of Mycoplasma Hominis
By Lise Torp Jensen (p.218)

Prognostic TumourParameters in Breast Cancer
By Vibeke Jensen (p.219)

Polyol Pathway Activity and Ascorbic Acid in Relation to Measures of Kidney Function and Microangiopathy in IDDM
By Bente Juhl (p.221)

Antibody Formation against the Somato-statin Analogue Octreotide after Nasal, Sub-cutaneous and Intramuscular Application
By Andreas Kaal (p.225)

Tissue Distribution and Tumour Localisation of T-LAK and A-NK Cells
By Jørgen Kjærgaard (p.227)

Biomechanical Measurements of the Lens Capsule
By Susanne Krag (p.230)

NBT-PABA/13C-PABA Test for the Evaluation of the Exocrine Pancreatic Function
By Birgit Larsen (p.233)

Mannan-binding Lectin in Chickens
Identification, characterisation, cloning and functional aspects
By Steen Broch Laursen (p.235)

Lipoprotein(a): Size Determi-nation and Asso-ciation with Coronary Heart Disease
By Lone Lemming (p.239)

Deaths due to Fire
By Peter Leth (p.240)

Considerations and Experiences of Screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
By Jes Sanddal Lindholt (p.244)

Biomechanical and Morphometric Evaluation of Late Radiation-induced Changes in the Mouse Rectum
By Lilli Lundby (p.247)

The Applicability of Sensitive Biochemical Markers for Early Diagnosis and Prognosis in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome
By Michael Stausbøll Lüscher (p.249)

Human Oesophageal Submucosal Veins
Physiological and pharmacological properties
By Gunnar Madsen (p.251)

Love is to Serve. Sister Benedicte Ramsing - a Biography
By Susanne Malchau (p.254)

Pathophysiological Aspects of Nocturia in the Elderly
Males with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS)
By Thorsten Boll Matthiesen (p.257)

"One thing is theory.. quite another is practice!"
Aspects of Compliance and Non-compliance among Patients with Type-2 Diabetes
By Margareta Maunsbach (p.260)

Properties of Growing Trabecular Bone
By Adel Nafei (p.266)

To Deliver a Small Baby is Easy, But to Save a Small Baby is Difficult
Community studies on antenatal care in rural Tamil Nadu, South India
By Birgitte Bruun Nielsen (p.269)

Phantom Pain in Lower Limb Amputees
A prospective study
By Lone Nikolajsen (p.272)

The Treatment of Acute Pain Following the Removal of Mandibular Third Molars
Use of the dental pain model in pharmacological research and the development of a comparable animal model
By Sven Erik Nørholt (p.275)

Enuresis Nocturna
Pathophysiology and treatment with special reference to alarm treatment
By Anne Fly Oredsson (p.279)

Experimental Acute Pancreatitis
The pathophysiological role of cytokines and integrins. New trends for treatment?
By Maher Omar Osman (p.281)

The Effects of Distraction on Muscle and Bone
By Bente Schumacher Petersen (p.285)

Left Ventricular Diastolic Function Acute Myocardial Infarction
An echocardiographic Doppler study of natural history, prognostic implications, and the effects of metoprolol
By Steen Hvitfeldt Poulsen (p.287)

Hepatic Glucose and Phospholipid Metabolism
- effects of brain death, glucose/insulin infusion, and liver denervation in the anaesthetised pig
By Klaus Roelsgaard (p.291)

Cellular Effects of Organic Components in the Working Environment
- the development of method and testing in practice
By Vibe Roepstorff (p.293)

Myocardial Perfusion Imaging by 99mTc-sestamibi SPECT
Methodological and clinical aspects in the evaluation of coronary artery disease with special emphasis on the collateral circulation
By Niels Peter Rønnow Sand (p.295)

Isolation and Characterisation of Recombinant Human Antibody Fragments from Phage Display Antibody Libraries
By Brian Stausbøl-Grøn (p.298)

Experimental Studies of Induced Hypertensive Pulmonary Vascular Disease in Newborn Pigs
By Elisabeth V. Stenbøg (p.300)

An Autometallographical Demonstration of Zinc Ions in Epididymis and Sperm Cells in Man and Rat, and a Computer-assisted Visualisation of the Rat Epididymis
By Meredin Stoltenberg (p.302)

Renal Reserve Capacity
Stimulation with amino acid infusion, low-dose dopamine infusion or protein ingestion in patients with essential hypertension, chronic glomerulonephritis, and in healthy control subjects
By Ida Nørager Tietze (p.304)

Molecular Versus Particulate Deposition Markers for Blood Flow Measurement in the Musculo-skeletal System131-Iodo-DesMethyl-Imipramine
By Hans Bønnelycke Tromborg (p.307)

See also other dissertations (p.526)

Faculty of Arts


Law and Landscape
An analysis of agricultural developmentand landscape history in Denmark, AD 900-1250, on the basis of the provincial laws
By Annette Hoff, dr.phil (p.17)

The Thakali. A Himalayan Ethnography
By Michael Vinding, dr.phil (p.21)

See other dissertations (p.526)


Conceptualisation and Art
By Lene Tortzen Bager (p.120)

Social and Political Movements Among Scheduled Castes of Bihar
By Charles Wendell Barlow (p.122)

The Grey Mythology of Photography
Re-reading the early history of photography in the light of digital imagery
By Lars Kiel Bertelsen (p.126)

Elements of a Theory of Design Artefacts
- a contribution to critical systems development research
By Olav W. Bertelsen (p.132)

Commodity Production and Trade in West Jutland
The black pots from the Varde area c. 1650-1850
By Mette Guldberg (p.135)

King Hans and Nordic Politics During the Years 1483-1498, with special reference to his relations to the Norwegian Council
By Solveig Hoberg (p.138)

On the Aesthetics of the Script
An examination of the dramatic text as a score in time, space and motion - based on the theory of playwriting
By Arne Katholm (p.141)

The Spanish Novel in the 20th Century. Philosophical and Literary Traces
Miguel de Unamuno, José Ortega y Gasset, Luis Martín-Santos, Luis Landero and Javier Marías
By Karen-Margrethe L. Simonsen, (p.145)

Play and Understanding. Gadamer's Concept of Play Profiled Against the Understanding of Play in Cultural Tradition and Psychology
By Karsten Tuft (p.149)

Ethics and the Metaphysics of Life
Theory and criticism in Hegel's early writings
By Peter Wolsing (p.152)

See also other dissertations (p.526)