Aarhus Universitets segl

Doctorates and PhDs 1999

Oversigt over doktorgrader og Ph.D.-grader tildelt af Aarhus Universitet.

Faculty of Science


Computer Applications as Mediators of Design and Use - a Developmental Perspective
By Susanne Bødker, dr.scient. (p.88)


Experimental Studies of Stable and Metastable Negative Ions
By Henrik Handberg Andersen, PhD (p.418)

Hydrogen-Related Defects in Proton-Implanted Silicon and Germanium: an Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy Study
By Michael Budde, PhD (p.420)

The Effect of Predator Exclusion on Field Vole (Microtus agrestis) Popu-lations in Fragmented Forest Habitats
By Michael Carlsen, PhD (p.423)

Presheaf Models for Concurrency
By Gian Luca Cattani, PhD (p.427)

RAGNAROK: an Architecture-Based Software Development Environment
By Henrik Bærbak Christensen, PhD (p.429)

Silicon in Organic Chemistry: New Tri- and Tetraalkoxysilanes and Stereoselective Halocyclisation Methods
By Rasmus Prætorius Clausen, PhD (p.431)

Genetic and Functional Dissection of the Complex Interaction between the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Helicase Sgs1 and Topoisomerases I, II and III
By Morten Dunø, PhD (p.433)

Hydrogeophysics with Special Emphasis on Inverse Modelling and Data Integration
By Flemming Effersø, PhD (p.436)

gbeta - a Language with Virtual Attributes, Block Structure, and Propagating, Dynamic Inheritance
By Erik Ernst, PhD. (p.439)

Semiclassics of the Quantum Current in Weak and Strong Magnetic Fields
By Søren Fournais, PhD (p.440)

Beta-Delayed Particle Emission from the Dripline Nuclei 11 Li, 31 Ar & 9 C
By Hans Otto Uldall Fynbo, PhD (p.443)

Preparation, Characterisation, and Sorption Properties for Ni(II) of Single and Combined Solid Phases and Separation of Cs + from Simulated Hanford Waste Using Electrochemi-cally Controlled Ion Exchange
By Henrik Green-Pedersen, PhD (p.446)

Modular Functors, TQFTs, and Moculi Spaces of Vector Bundles
By Jakob Grove, PhD (p.449)

Accurate Static Molecular Properties from ab initio Calculations in Hierarchical Series of Basis Sets and Wave-Function Models
By Asger Halkier, PhD (p.453)

The Geometry of Deligne-Lusztig Varieties; Higher-Dimensional AG Codes
By Søren Have Hansen, PhD (p.455)

Reshetikhin-Turaev Invariants of Seifert 3-manifolds and their Asumptotic Expansions
By Søren Kold Hansen, PhD (p.457)

Development of Genetic Markers for Identification of Strains and Analysis of the Genetic Structure in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Hatchery Populations
By Lars-Erik Holm, PhD (p.460)

Cenozoic Evolution of the Eastern North Sea Basin - New Evidence from High-Resolution and Conventional Seismic Data
By Mads Huuse, PhD (p.462)

Electron Transfer Reactions in Solution
By Steen Jakobsen, PhD (p.464)

Studies on Electron Transfer - Bond Fragmentation Processes
By Henrik Jensen, PhD (p.466)

The Natural Fission Reactors in Gabon, Central Africa: Mineralogy, Uraninite Chemistry and Retardation of Nuclear Reaction Products
By Keld Alstrup Jensen, PhD (p.468)

Analysis and Exploitation of Murine Leukaemia Virus Cis- and Trans-Elements Using Novel Transduction Systems
By Thomas Bæk Jespersen, PhD (p.470)

Mammalian Elongation Factor 1 A-2: Analysis of cDNA Sequence, Gene Structure, Promotor Activity and Expression in Tissues
By Søren Kahns, PhD (p.472)

Cross Sections for Photoionisation of Positive Atomic Ions: Absolute Measurements Using Synchrotron Radiation
By Lars Henrik Jens Hostrup Kjeldsen, PhD (p.474)

Use of Phage Displayed Repertoires in the Study of Eukaryotic Elongation Factor 1A
By Svend Kjær, PhD (p.477)

Feeding Ecology of Aphid Natural Enemies
By Anne Katrine Bilde Kofoed, PhD (p.479)

Some Semiparametric Models
By Lars Korsholm, PhD (p.482)

Efficient Algorithms for Helioseismic Inversion
By Rasmus Munk Larsen, PhD (p.485)

Characterisation of Human Oxytocinase/Insulin- Responsive Aminopeptidase
By Palle Gørtler Laustsen, PhD (p.487)

Variation in Salt Tolerance of Phragmites australis in Relation to Genotypic and Climatic Factors
By Jørgen Lissner, PhD (p.489)

Synthesis of some New Azasugars by Traditional and Combinatorial Methods
By Anders Lohse, PhD (p.492)

Chemical Insights from Experimental and Theoretical Charge Density Studies
By Georg Kent Hellerup Madsen, PhD (p.494)

Magmatic Processes in Two Gabbroic Complexes in the Scandinavian Caledonides
By Gurli B. Meyer, PhD (p.496)

Genetic and Structural Investigation of the Serotonin Transporter and Heterotrimeric G-Proteins - Key Proteins in Serotonergic Neurotransmission
By Ole Valente Mortensen, PhD (p.499)

A Classification Result for Simple Limits of Circle Algebras with Dimension Drops
By Jesper Mygind, PhD (p.502)

Fast 2D Inversion of Large Geoelec-trical Data Sets for Near-Surface Resistivity Mapping
By Ingelise Møller, PhD (p.504)

The Three-Body Problem with Short Range Interactions
By Esben Nielsen, PhD (p.507)

Stereology - Statistical Theory and Applications in Agricultural Sciences
By Jørgen Nielsen, PhD (p.510)

On Inductive Limits of Circle Algebras
By Karen Elisabeth Egede Nielsen, PhD (p.512)

Differential Regulation of Oct-2 Transcription in non-B cells
By Hanne Norsgaard, PhD (p.515)

Seed Chalcids ( Megastigmus spp.) Associated with Firs ( Abies spp.)
By Peter Ochsner, PhD (p.517)

Statistical Evolutionary DNA Sequence Analysis. Modelling the Substitution Process
By Anne-Mette Krabbe Pedersen, PhD (p.520)

Experimental Studies of Atomic and Molecular Negative Ions. Lifetimes, Electron-Anion Reactions and Photofragmentation Processes
By Henrik Bjerregaard Pedersen, PhD (p.523)

Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Non- Marine to Marginal Marine Danish Triassic, Supplemented by a Field Study of the Alluvial Architec-ture of the Ericson Sandstone (USA)
By Per Kent Pedersen, PhD (p.525)

The Lagrangian Approach to Response Theory
By Thomas Bondo Pedersen, PhD (p.527)

Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy Studies of the Electronic Structure of Metal Surfaces
By Lars Petersen, PhD (p.529)

'Exile on Main Street' - Excursions in Fixed Income Modelling
By Rolf Poulsen, PhD (p.532)

Characterisation of the Human Oxytocinase/Insulin-Responsive Aminopeptidase Gene
By Thomas Egebjerg Rasmussen, PhD (p.534)

Acidophilic Microorganisms in a High Arctic Gossan Environment - Ecology, Physiology and Phylogeny of Indigenous Acidophiles
By Bjarne Langdahl Riis, PhD (p.535)

Stresses, Mechanical Properties and Stability of Artificially Multilayered Thin Films
By Kasper O. Schweitz, PhD (p.537)

Population and Community Ecology of Neotropical Rain Forest Palms (Arecaceae)
By Jens-Christian Svenning, PhD (p.541)

Locomotor Behaviour as a Biomarker of Toxic Stress in Soil Arthropods
By Freddy Fisker Sørensen, PhD (p.543)

Single-Crystal NMR Spectroscopy: Development of Instrumentation and Studies of Quadrupolar Nuclei
By Thomas Vosegaard, PhD (p.547)

Plant Polymer Degrading Microbes from Hypersaline Environments
By Michael Wainø, PhD (p.549)

Reducing/Oxidising Conditions as Controlling Parameters for Diagenetic Evolution in Sediments as Exemplified by the Use of Opaque Minerals
By Rikke Weibel, PhD (p.552)

Phage Display as a Tool for Elucidation of Ras Biology
By Troels Wind, PhD (p.554)

Lewis Acid-Catalysed Asymmetric Hetero-Diels- Alder Reactions of Carbonyl Compounds and Catalytic Enantioselective Addition Reactions of Imines
By Sulan Yao, PhD (p.556)

Faculty of Theology


An Ottoman Legacy: Historiography and Religion in Bulgaria By Carsten Riis, dr.phil. (p.81)

See also other dissertations (p.560)


Rethinking Scientology. Cognition and Representation in Religion, Therapy and Soteriology
By Dorthe Refslund Christensen, PhD (p.406)

The Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus in Denmark. A Religious Study of the Importance of Religion in an Intercultural Encounter
By Marianne Christine Qvortrup Fibiger, PhD (p.410)

Man and Resurrection. A Study of the Anthropology and the Eschatology in the Theology of Irenaeus and Origen
By Anders-Christian Lund Jacobsen, PhD (p.414)

Faculty of Social Sciences


¯ See ¯ other dissertations ¯ (p.560)



Deforestation and Economic Growth in the Brazilian Amazon
By Lykke Eg Andersen, PhD, Economics. (p.357)

Five Essays on Convertible Bonds and Capital Structure Theory
By Ken Lamdahl Bechmann, PhD, Economics. (p.361)

The Possibilities and Limits of Social Democratism in Post-Soviet Russia
By Aksel V. Carlsen, PhD, Political Science (p.364)

Delegation of Sovereignty: Section 20 of the Danish Constitution and its Application in Practice
By Jens Hartig Danielsen, PhD, Law (p.368)

Aspects of Classical and Contem-porary European Fiscal Policy Issues
By Robert Rene Dogonowski, PhD, Economics (p.372)

Private Liability Insurance from the Perspective of Compensation Law
By Lisbeth Kjærgaard, PhD, Law (p.375)

Infants' Cognition of Objects'Numerical Identity: a Theoretical and Empirical Study
By Peter Krøjgaard, PhD, Psychology (p.378)

Econometric Modelling of Durations between Economic Events
By Asger Lunde, PhD, Economics (p.382)

Investment in Human Capital in Zambia: Introduction and Summary By Helena Skyt Nielsen, PhD, Economics (p.385)

An Asset-Based Explanation of Strategic Advantage
By Jørgen Vig Pedersen, PhD, Economics (p.390)

Dynamic Programming in Computational Economics
By Peter Raahauge, PhD, Economics (p.393)

Aspects of Transition in Central and Eastern Europe
By Philipp J. H. Schröder, PhD, Economics (p.395)

The Construction of Danish Drug Control Policy Since 1965
By Lau Laursen Storgaard, PhD, Law (p.398)

Pain Experience and Pain Coping Strategies in Juvenile Arthritis Patients and their Parents
By Mikael Thastum, PhD, Psychology (p.402)

See also other dissertations (p.560)

Faculty of Health Sciences


Moraxella (Branhamella) Catarrhalis: Clinical, Microbiological and Immunological Features in Lower Respiratory Tract Infections
By Jens Jørgen Christensen, dr.med. (p.32)

Studies on the Location of Resistance Arteries and Changes in their Morphology during Antihypertensive Therapy and Post- Treatment Blood Pressure Recovery
By Kent Lodberg Christensen, dr.med. (p.35)

5-aminosalicylic Acid-Containing Drugs: Delivery, Fate, and Possible Clinical Implications in Man
By Lisbet Ambrosius Christensen, dr.med. (p.40)

Pain and Sleep Disturbances. Clinical, Experimental and Methodological Aspects, with Special Reference to the Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Rheu-matoid Arthritis
By Asbjørn Mohr Drewes, dr.med. (p.43)

Atrial Natriuretic Peptide in Essential Hypertension and Congestive Heart Failure: Relationship to the Renin- angiotensin- aldosterone System and Systemic Blood Pressure
By Hans Eiskjær, dr.med. (p.46)

Bacterial Degradation of Immuno-globulin A1 in Relation to Perio-dontal Diseases
By Ellen V. Grønbæk Frandsen, dr.odont. (p.49)

99m Tc-diphosphonate Uptake and Bone Haemodynamics: Methodolo-gical and Pathophysiological Studies in Joint Effusion and Synovial Inflam-mation of the Immature Dog Knee
By Ebbe Stender Hansen, dr.med. (p.53)

Mechanisms of T-cell Activation by Human T- cell Lymphotropic Virus Type I
By Per Höllsberg, dr.med. (p.59)

The Course of Delusional Beliefs
By Per Jørgensen, dr.med. (p.62)

Growth Hormone and Human Reproduction: Clinical and Experi-mental Aspects
By Per Ovesen, dr.med. (p.64)

Pharmacological Effects of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), with Focus on the Urinary and Gastrointestinal Tracts
By Lars Vinter-Jensen, dr.med. (p.70)

Reversible Ligand Binding to Human Serum Albumin: Theoretical and Clinical Aspects
By Henrik Vorum, dr.med. (p.73)

Diagnosis of Urogenital Chlamydia Trachomatis Infection by the Use of DNA Amplification
By Lars Østergaard, dr.med., PhD (p.79)

See also other dissertations (p.560)


Fatty Acids and beta-cell Function: Studies on the Influence of the Spatial Configuration of the Fatty Acids
By Kirsten Kudahl Alstrup, PhD, Medical Science (p.143)

Motor Function in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
By Henning Andersen, PhD, Medical Science (p.145)

Familial Hypercholesterolemia: Quality of Care and Psychological Reactions to Predictive Testing
By Lone Kærslund Andersen, PhD, Medical Science (p.147)

Anti-GM1 Antibodies in Acquired Demyelinating Neuropathies
By Einar Bech, PhD, Medical Science (p.150)

The Physiological Role of Nitric Oxide in the Regulation of Renal Haemodynamics, Sodium Excretion and Blood Pressure in Healthy Men
By Jesper Nørgaard Bech, PhD, Medical Science (p.153)

Stereological Estimation of the Total Number of ECL Cells and Related Parameters with the Smooth, Vertical Fractionator in the Oxyntic Mucosa of Hypergastrinaemic Rats
By Thomas Fichtner Bendtsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.156)

Ischaemia and Reperfusion Injury in Porcine Skin Flaps and Myocutaneous Flaps. Interventional Studies on Inflammation, Including Thrombosis and Blood Flow
By Lene Birk-Sørensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.159)

Psychiatry in the Perspective of Time. Empirical Study of Psychiatry in Danish Hospitals 1930-1990 with Focus on Organisational and Admini-strative Conditions
By Merete Bender Bjerrum, PhD, Medical Science (p.161)

Interpersonal Violence in Aarhus
By Ole Brink, PhD, Medical Science (p.164)

Establishment of a Preliminary Genomic Map of the American Mink (Mustela vison)
By Klaus Brusgaard, PhD, Medical Science (p.168)

Perioperative Measurements of Intracranial Pressure by a Subdural Approach. Pressure Gadients in the Open Craniotomy Field, Subdural ICP Thresholds for Brain Swelling/Herniation, and Measurement of Subdural ICP in Clinical Studies
By Helle Bundgaard, PhD, Medical Science (p.171)

The Analgetic and Anti-inflammatory Effect of Intra-articular Morphine versus Steroid and Placebo in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients with Knee Synovitis
By Anne Buus, PhD, Medical Science (p.174)

Studies on Vascular Morphology and Endothelial Function in Heart Failure and Cardiac Syndrome X
By Niels Henrik Buus, PhD, Medical Science (p.176)

Urodilatin - a Renal Natriuretic Peptide. Development of a Radioimmunoassay for Urodilatin. The Effects of Synthetic Urodilatin in Healthy Subjects with Emphasis on Renal Haemodynamics and Tubular Handling of Sodium
By Jan Carstens, PhD, Medical Science (p.178)

Molecular Basis and Characterisation of Ethylmalonic Aciduria/Short-Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency
By Morten Juhl Corydon, PhD, Medical Science (p.181)

The Use of C-reactive Protein. Clinical, Organisational and Economic Aspects, with Special Focus on Near-Patient Testing
By Bjarne Steen Dahler-Eriksen, PhD, Medical Science (p.185)

Integrated Care for Type 1 Diabetes
By Kathrine Dahler-Eriksen, PhD, Medical Science (p.188)

18 F-DOPA Metabolism in the Porcine Brain Estimated by Positron Emission Tomography
By Erik Hvid Danielsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.191)

The Influence of Lambda-Cyhalotrin-Impregnated Mosquito Nets on Malaria in Pregnancy
By Kim Peter David, PhD, Medical Science (p.193)

Age Variations in the Properties of Human Tibial Trabecular Bone and Cartilage
By Ming Ding, PhD, Medical Science (p.196)

A New Quantitative RT-PCR-based Assay for Thymidylate Synthase mRNA in Blood Leukocytes and its Potential Clinical Application in Patients with Colorectal Cancer
By Eva Ehrnrooth, PhD, Medical Science (p.200)

The Effect of Flunarizine on Serotonergic Neurotransmission in the Rat Brain Measured with the Technique of Microdialysis
By Anette Gjettrup Eskildsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.204)

Standardisation of Growth Hormone (GH) Stimulation Tests and Measurement of GH Binding Protein in the Diagnosis of GH Deficiency
By Sanne Fisker, PhD, Medical Science (p.208)

Investigations on the Role of Vitamin D in Muscle Function. A Study of Muscle Function in Vitamin D-deficient Humans and the Effect of Treatment with Vitamin D
By Henning Glerup, PhD, Medical Science (p.211)

The Role of Thyroid Hormones in Regulation of Hepatic Amino-N Conversion and Organ N Contents in Rats
By Thorbjørn Grøfte, PhD, Medical Science (p.214)

Expression of Tissue Transglutaminase in Cellular Invasion
By Henrik Hager, PhD, Medical Science (p.215)

Auxological and Biochemical Aspects of Systemic Activity of Treatment with Topical Glucocorticoids in Children By Carsten Heuck, PhD, Medical Science (p.217)

Cell Kinetic Studies in Normal and Myelodysplastic Haematopoietic Cells
By Mette Skov Holm, PhD, Medical Science (p.219)

Urinary and Anal Incontinence in Relation to Pregnancy and Delivery: Prevalence, Risk Factors and Anal Physiological Parameters
By Karen-Elise Højberg, PhD, Medical Science (p.224)

Late Morbidity Following Systemic Treatment with or without Postmastectomy Irradiation in Patients with Breast Cancer
By Inger Højris, PhD, Medical Science (p.226)

N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptor Antagonists, Neuroplasticity and Acute Pain
By Susanne Ilkjær, PhD, Medical Science (p.229)

Computer-Controlled Pressure Algometry in Human Joints
By Mogens Pfeiffer Jensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.231)

The Value of a Low-Dose Oral Iron Absorption Test in the Differential Diagnosis between Iron Deficiency Anaemia and Anaemia of Chronic Disease - Steps in a Diagnostic Test Evaluation
By Nanna Martin Jensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.235)

Heart Rate Variability in Suspected Myocardial Infarction
By Svend Eggert Jensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.239)

Positron Emission Tomography Studies of Neuronal Activity Patterns during Sensory and Cognitive Stimulations in Alzheimer's Disease. A Study of Cortical Attention Sites in Man
By Peter Johannsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.243)

Long-Term Morbidity in Patients with Localised Prostate Cancer Primarily Followed by Deferred Treatment or Treated with Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy or Radiation Therapy
By Morten Jønler, PhD, Medical Science (p.246)

Mechanical versus Structural Properties of Cancellous Bone
By Jesper Kabel, PhD, Medical Science (p.250)

Basis and Theoretical Studies on the Association between Microbiological Agents in Sperm Plasma, Infertility and Pre- term Birth
By Niels Kjærgaard, PhD, Medical Science (p.253)

Early Changes in Cardiac Function Following Transmural Myocardial Function. An Echocardiographic Study
By Eva Korup, PhD, Medical Science (p.255)

Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Peripheral Nerves with Implanted Nerve Cuff Electrodes
By Jytte Overgaard Larsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.257)

The Validity of Randomised Controlled Trials on the Effects of Antimanic Drugs - from Clinical Research to Clinical Practice By Rasmus Wentzer Licht, PhD, Medical Science (p.261)

Human T Cell Leukemia Virus Type I in vitro Infection of Human Trophoblasts
By Xiangdong Liu, PhD, Medical Science (p.265)

Bone Vascular Physiology: Method for in vitro Assessment of Arteries Isolated from Cancellous Bone
By Annette Lundgaard, PhD, Medical Science (p.267)

Immunological Effects of Transfusion with Selected Blood Products
By Ole Mathiesen, PhD, Medical Science (p.269)

Communication in the Primary Health-Care Sector: a Qualitative Investigation of Relationship and Interaction between Home Nurse and the 'Difficult' Patient
By Jette Joost Michaelsen, PhD, Nursing (p.272)

The Involvement of Epstein-Barr Virus in Multiple Sclerosis
By Mette Munch, PhD, Medical Science (p.274)

Integrin Profiles of Human Osteoblasts and their Regulation in vitro
By Marianne Kleis Møller, PhD, Medical Science (p.277)

Corneal Keratocyte Density: Aspects of Methodology, Physiology and Pathophysiology
By Torben Møller-Pedersen, PhD, Medical Science (p.280)

The Impact of Chordal Force Distribution on Functional Mitral Regurgitation - in vitro Studies
By Sten Lyager Nielsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.284)

The Interaction between the Neu-trophil Granulocyte, Microorganism, and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
By Søren Lyhne Nielsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.287)

Localisation, Quantification and Function of Enkephalins in the Inflammatory Skin Disease Psoriasis
By Judith Becker Nissen, PhD, Medical Science (p.289)

Insulin Action and Secretion in Glucose Tolerant First-Degree Relatives of Patients with Type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) Diabetes Mellitus
By Birgit Nyholm, PhD, Medical Science (p.291)

p53 Mutations and GSTM1 Genotypes in Suspected Aflatoxin B1-related Cancers and in Adenocarcinoma of the Small Intestine
By Lisbeth Nørum Pedersen, PhD, Medical Science (p.293)

Nursing/Care Science - Myth or Reality? Genesis and Structure of the Field of Academic Education and Science in Nursing in Denmark
By Karin Anna Petersen, PhD, Nursing (p.295)

Adrenoceptor Function and Effects of Vasodilators in the Human Placenta. Studies on Perfused Cotyledon and Isolated Vessels
By Olav Bennike Bjørn Petersen, PhD, Medical Science (p.297)

Magnetic Resonance Velocity Imaging with High Spatial Resolution
By Steffen Ringgaard, PhD, Medical Science (p.300)

The Epstein-Barr Virus Latent Membrane Protein-1: an Analysis of Sequence Variation in the Gene and Promoter
By Kristian Berg Sandvej, PhD, Medical Science (p.304)

Th1 and Th2 Cells and Chemokinesin the Pathogenesis of Insulin Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM)
By Li-Karine Schiøtz, PhD, Medical Science (p.307)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the Study of Left Ventricular Remodelling after Acute Myocardial Infarction: Methodological Studies by Biplane Cine Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Echocardiography
By Anne Pauline Schroeder, PhD, Medical Science (p.309)

Growth Hormone Regulation of Serum-free IGF-I
By Christian Skjærbæk, PhD, Medical Science (p.313)

Radiosensitivity Assessed by Soft Agar Clonogenic Assay in Squamous Cell Carcinomas of the Head and Neck: Correlation with Clinical Data and Treatment Outcome
By Birgitte Stausbøl-Grøn, PhD, Medical Science (p.315)

Drug Prescription in General Practice: an Analysis of Variation, Diffusion and Intervention Based on Antibiotics and Anticoagulants
By Flemming Hald Steffensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.318)

Saturated Fatty Acids and Type 2 Diabetes: Comparisons of the Effects of Stearic and Palmitic Acids on 1) Lipids, Glycaemic Control, Diurnal Blood Pressure and Energy Expenditure, and 2) Postprandial Lipaemia
By Hanne Storm, PhD, Medical Science (p.320)

A Stereological Study of Neuronal Connections (Myelinated Fibres of White Matter and Neocortical Synapses) in the Human Brain
By Yong Tang, PhD, Medical Science (p.321)

Diffuse Ischemic Myocardial Injury and Remodelling, with Special Reference to Quantitative Evaluation of Left Ventricular Function - an Experimental Porcine Model
By Kim Allan Terp, PhD, Medical Science (p.325)

Pharmacological Studies on Bronchodilator Drugs Using Airway Smooth Muscle in vitro
By Steffen Thirstrup, PhD, Medical Science (p.328)

The Microepidemiology of Malaria in Matola, a Periurban Area of Maputo, Mozam-bique
By Ricardo Thompson, PhD, Medical Science (p.332)

Preventing AIDS in Zambia: a Community Intervention Project
By Henrik Trykker, PhD, Medical Science (p.334)

Growth Factors and the Prostate, Occurrence and Effects of Epidermal Growth Factor, and Effects of Insulin-Like Growth Factor I
By Niels Tørring, PhD, Medical Science (p.336)

A Study of a Family with Hereditary Juvenile Glaucoma
By Steen Fiil Urbak, PhD, Medical Science (p.338)

The Influence of Different Bone Turnover Rates on Tissue Reactions to Orthodontic Load
By Carlalberta Verna, PhD, Odontology (p.342)

Molecular Genetics of Lewis and Secretor Genes. Influence of Secretor and Lewis Allelotypes on Concentrations of Tumour- Associated Carbohydrate Structure Sialyl-Lewis a in Serum and Urine from Bladder Cancer Patients
By Else Marie Vestergaard, PhD, Medical Science (p.345)

Secondary Peristalsis and Disten-sibility of the Oesophagus with Particular Reference to Systemic Sclerosis. An Impedance Planimetric Approach
By Gerda Elisabeth Villadsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.350)

The Importance of First Trimester Induced Abortion for Subsequent Pregnancies. Cohort Studies in Denmark and Shanghai, China
By Weijin Zhou, PhD, Medical Science (p.353)

See also other dissertations (p.560)

Faculty of Arts


The Culture of Popular Print in Early Modern Denmark 1500-1840
By Henrik Horstbøll, dr.phil. (p.17)

From Bronze Age to Iron Age: a Chronological Analysis
By Jørgen Jensen, dr.phil. (p.26)

See also other dissertations (p.560)


Old Age Pensions in Denmark in the Second Half of the 19th Century: an Analysis of the Extension and Function of Old Age Pension Funds in Danish Rural Parishes, Provincial Towns and Industrial Enterprises
By Finn Andersen, PhD (p.97)

Chronology and Regionality in the Stone Age of Southern Norway: an Analysis based on the Settlements at Lundevågen (the Farsund Project)
By Torben Bjarke Ballin, PhD (p.100)

Por Mielz Dire la Verité: the Motif of Truth in Thirteenth-Century French Literary Prose
By Stig Ramløv Frandsen, PhD (p.105)

The Pornographic Scenario: Reflections on Photography and Porno-graphy
By Rune Gade, PhD (p.109)

Ethics and Cognition - A Philosophical and Semiotic Analysis of Action-Related Meanings
By Mads Storgaard Jensen, PhD (p.111)

Describing the World: Analytical Perspectives on Commonwealth and Post-Colonial Literatures
By Mette Jørgensen, PhD (p.114)

Drama Pedagogy and Performance Theatre
By Ida Krøgholt, PhD (p.118)

Manichaean Skilful Means: a Study of Missionary Techniques Used in the Introduction of Manichaeism into China By Gunner Bjerg Mikkelsen, PhD (p.120)

Growth of the Soil - Crop Husbandry Practices and Strategies in Iron Age Agriculture. Archaeobotanical Investigations of Slag Pit Furnaces from the 1st to the 8th Century A.D.
By Peter Hambro Mikkelsen, PhD (p.123)

Making a Stand Biting the Hand that Feeds - Steve Martland and British New Music Culture
By Steen Kaargaard Nielsen, PhD (p.125)

An Archaeological Study of Iron Production Sites in Denmark from the Late Roman to the Migration Period (c. 200-600 A.D.) - Settlement Archaeology in a Technological Perspective
By Lars Christian Nørbach, PhD. (p.128)

Greek Vases in New Contexts Col-lecting Greek Vases - an Aspect of the Modern Attitude to Antiquity
By Vinnie Nørskov, PhD (p.131)

Poiesis and Politics in an Andalusian Pilgrimage: an Anthropological Analysis of Ritual, Identity and Regionalism in a Changing Spain
By Ann Maria Ostenfeld-Rosenthal, PhD (p.134)

The Game between the System and Drug Addicts
By Karen Ellen Spannow, PhD (p.136)

Contributions to an Interactional Linguistics: Conversation Analysis, Turn-Taking and the Foundation of an Interactional Linguistics
By Jakob Steensig, PhD. (p.139)

See also other dissertations (p.560)