Aarhus Universitets segl

Doctorates and PhDs 2000

Oversigt over doktorgrader og Ph.D.-grader tildelt af Aarhus Universitet.

Faculty of Science


Characteristics of Ruin Probabilities in Classical Risk Models with and without Investment, Cox Risk Models and Perturbed Risk Models
By Hanspeter Schmidli, dr.scient. (p.106)


Functional Analysis of Bovine Lactadherin's Binding to Integrin Receptors and Phospholipid Membranes
By Mikkel Holmen Andersen, PhD (p.372)

Nucleocytoplasmic Shuttling Proteins Involved in RNA Processing
By Peter Askjær, PhD (p.375)

Computational and Experimental Aspects of Biomolecular Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy
By Mads Bak, PhD (p.378)

Aerosol Optical Depth Measurements in Northern Greenland (76.5°N)
By Frank Bason, PhD (p.381)

Exotic Decays of Nuclei at the Limits of Existence
By Uffe Christian Bergmann, PhD (p.384)

Functional and Mechanistic Studies of Human Topoisomerase IIa
By Lotte Bjergbæk, PhD (p.386)

Ionisation by Positron Impact
By Henrik Bluhme, PhD (p.389)

Fungus Culturing and Defence against Pathogens in Acromyrmex Leaf-Cutting Ants
By Adriane Nicolette Martijntje Bot, PhD (p.392)

Transcriptional Regulation of the Murine Stromelysin Responsive Element by the Trithorax-Related Protein, ACE, and the Coactivator RNF4
By Guilaine Bouteiller, PhD (p.396)

Towards an Understanding of the Regulation of the S100-Proteins. Recent advances in heavy atom phasing methodology
By Ditlev Egeskov Brodersen, PhD (p.398)

Securitisation of Insurance Risk
By Claus Vorm Christensen, PhD (p.401)

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies on Model Systems Relevant for Heterogeneous Catalysis
By Stig Helveg Christensen, PhD (p.404)

Ab Initio Determination of Molecular Properties
By Sonia Coriani, PhD (p.407)

Characterisation of Cpp1. A cysteine-rich polycomb-like protein
By Cristina Cvitanich, PhD (p.409)

Reproductive Biology and Population Structure in Plants
By Bodil Kirstine Ehlers, PhD (p.412)

Plant Reproduction in Open Communities: Seed Dynamics and Pollination
By Heidi Elberling, PhD (p.415)

Pieces in the Puzzle of Galaxy Formation
By Johan P.U. Fynbo, PhD (p.419)

Tetranectin, Biochemical and Structural Characterisation of the Protein and the Ligands
By Jonas Heilskov Graversen, PhD (p.422)

Antisense Inhibition of Ljndx Links Homeobox Genes to Nodule Development
By Mette Grønlund, PhD (p.424)

Spin Squeezing in a Cold Atomic Ensemble
By Jan Hald, PhD (p.427)

Combining Predictors. Meta machine learning methods and bias/variance & ambiguity decompositions
By Jakob Vogdrup Hansen, PhD (p.431)

Electrical Properties of Atomic-Sized Metal Contacts
By Kim Hansen, PhD (p.433)

Force Development and Cellular Energy State in Heart Muscle in Various Conditions - Comparative Aspects
By Tore Hartmund, PhD (p.435)

Parametric Modelling of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data
By Niels Væver Hartvig, PhD (p.438)

Logics and Automata for Verification. Expressiveness and decidability issues
By Jesper Gulmann Henriksen, PhD (p.441)

Categorical Models for Concurrency. Independence, fairness and data flow
By Thomas T. Hildebrandt, PhD (p.444)

Carbon-Related Defects in Silicon, Germanium and Si 1-x Ge x
By Lone Hoffmann, PhD (p.447)

Multiple Pulse Methods in Solid State NMR. Methodology for structure determination of proteins and peptides in the solid phase
By Morten Hohwy, PhD (p.451)

Between Naturphilosophie and Tradition. Hans Christian Ørsted's dynamical chemistry
By Anja Skaar Jacobsen, PhD (p.454)

Aspects of non-Markovian Dynamics in Quantum Optics
By Karsten Amdi Jakobsen, PhD (p.457)

The Proteins of the α-Macroglobulin Superfamily Comprise the α-Macroglobulins, which are Huge Proteinase Inhibitors from the Plasma, and Three Functionally Distinct Proteins from the Complement System (C3, C4, and C5)
By Lasse Bohl Jenner, PhD (p.461)

Asymmetric 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Nitrones with Alkenes
By Kim Birkebæk Jensen, PhD (p.463)

The Filamentous Phage: Selection through Display, Hybridisation and Infection
By Kristian Hobolt Jensen, PhD (p.466)

Simulationbased Models towards Mathematical Finance
By Wenjiang Jiang, PhD (p.468)

Hydrogen-Related Defects in Crystalline Silicon Studied with Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
By Peter Johannesen, PhD (p.471)

Structural and Kinetic Characterization of two Plasminogen Activators: Bovine tPA and S. Uberis Streptokinase
By Laust Bruun Johnsen, PhD (p.475)

Transcription of the Human Elongation Factor 1 A-1 Gene. Regulation by an intronic enhancer, upstream elements and a poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase recognition site
By Helle Færk Jørgensen, PhD (p.479)

Evolution and Diversification in Aeonium (Crassulaceae) of the Canary Islands
By Tove Hedegaard Jørgensen, PhD (p.481)

Development and Application of New Biosensors for Microbial Ecology
By Thomas Kjær, PhD (p.483)

State Space Methods for Coloured Petri Nets
By Lars Michael Kristensen, PhD (p.485)

Soil Variations under Ancient Woodland in Denmark: Natural and Anthropogenic Causes
By Søren Munch Kristiansen, PhD (p.488)

The Structural & Biochemical Basis for the Catalytic Mechanism of Type IB Topoisomerases
By Berit Olsen Krogh, PhD (p.491)

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Bone Loss in Aging
By Marie Kveiborg, PhD (p.493)

Laser Induced Alignment of Neutral Molecules
By Jakob Juul Larsen, PhD (p.495)

Northeast Atlantic Surface and Deep-Water Circulation During the Last Glacial - Foraminiferal and Isotopic Evidence
By Susanne Lassen, PhD (p.498)

The Molecular Mechanism of Type IB DNA Topoisomerases and the Catalytic Inhibitor Camptothecin
By Michael Lisby, PhD (p.501)

Receptor Determinants for Amphotropic and 10A1 Murine Leukemia Virus Entry
By Mikkel Dybro Lundorf, PhD (p.504)

Computational Biology
By Rune Bang Lyngsø, PhD (p.506)

Flood Basalt Generation and Differentiation PGB-Geochemistry of East Greenland Flood Basalts, Comagmatic Intrusions and Comparison with Siberian Flood Basalts
By Peter Momme, PhD (p.508)

Liana Community and Population Ecology in a Neotropical Rain Forest
By Jacob Nabe-Nielsen, PhD (p.512)

The Chemists: Danish Chemical Communities and Networks, 1900-1940
By Anita Kildebæk Nielsen, PhD (p.516)

Stream-flow Depletion Caused by Groundwater Abstraction Near Alluvial Streams
By Thomas Nyholm, PhD (p.519)

Liquids as Described by Quantum and Classical Mechanics
By Thomas M. Nymand, PhD (p.523)

'Seiberg-Witten-Floer Homology'
By Henrik Hald Nørgaard, PhD (p.525)

Nitrogen Cycling in Complex Systems
By Lars Ditlev Mørck Ottosen, PhD (p.527)

Structural and Functional Studies of the Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-4 (IGFBP-4) Proteinase, Pregnancy-Associated Plasma Protein-A (PAPP-A)
By Michael Toft Overgaard, PhD (p.530)

Regulation of the Early Immune Response against Herpes Simplex Virus Infections
By Søren R. Paludan, PhD (p.533)

Mineralization of Organic Matter in Coastal Marine Systems - microbial incorporation of mineralized nitrogen
By Anna-Grethe Underlien Pedersen, PhD (p.534)

Algorithms in Computational Biology
By Christian Nørgaard Storm Pedersen, PhD (p.536)

Some Results on Optimal Stopping and Skorokhod Embedding with Applications
By Jesper Lund Pedersen, PhD (p.539)

Binding and Endocytosis of Protease-Inhibitor Complexes by Receptors of the Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor Family
By Helle Heibroch Petersen, PhD (p.542)

Lithium Adsorption on Aluminium Surfaces Studied by HRCLS and LEED
By Jakob Haahr Petersen, PhD (p.545)

Regulated Expression of the Human Protein Synthesis Elongation Factor 1 A -1 Gene: Roles of p53 and the Retinoblastoma Protein Family
By Morten Præstegaard, PhD (p.549)

Complexity of Data Structures
By Theis Rauhe, PhD (p.551)

Programming Languages: Design, Analysis and Semantics
By Anders Bækgaard Thorhauge Sandholm, PhD (p.554)

The Use of Information for Selection of Breeding Sites in the Great Cormorant, Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis
By Solveig Engberg Schjørring, PhD (p.557)

γ2 and γ3: Study of Isoforms of the Interferon- g Inducible Human Tryptophanyl-tRNA Synthetase
By Janne Lytoft Simonsen, PhD (p.561)

Functional Characterization of the CSB Gene Product in Mammalian DNA repair
By Morten Sunesen, PhD (p.563)

Ultrafast Dynamics of Small Molecules in Solution
By Carsten Lilleholt Thomsen, PhD (p.565)

Discourse on Genericity in Object-Oriented Programming Languages
By Kresten Krab Thorup, PhD (p.569)

Enzymatic and Mechanistic Characterization of Human Topoisomerase IIa and IIß
By Yong Wang, PhD (p.570)

Design and Development of Mouse Models for Myeloid Leukemia
By Søren Warming, PhD (p.573)

Faculty of Theology


The Devouring Fire. Structural analyses of narrative and ritual texts in the Old Testament
By Hans J. Lundager Jensen, dr.theol. (p.99)


Herder and Nietzsche in the Thinking of Vilhelm Grønbech. A systematic investigation of Grønbech's critique of Christianity and culture
By Johannes Adamsen, PhD (p.353)

The Self in Conversation. An investigation on the basis of the philosophy of religion of the nature and specific character of pastoral care in the domain of significance between psychology and theology
By Kim Bangshøj, PhD (p.357)

Bernard of Clairvaux and the Mapping of the Spiritual Topography. A reading of selected parables
By Mette Birkedal Bruun, PhD (p.360)

Vilhelm Beck, the Church and the Inner Mission Movement - a Study of the Relationship between Revival Movements and the Folk Church in Denmark 1849-1901
By Kurt E. Larsen, PhD (p.364)

Nature and Homecoming. The Realism of Grundtvig and Jakob Knudsen
By Henrik Wigh-Poulsen, PhD (p.368)

See also other dissertations (p.575)

Faculty of Social Sciences


Assessment of Damages for Breach of Contract
By Torsten Iversen, dr.jur. (p.96)

See also other dissertations (p.575)


Children of Alcoholics. Emotional and behavioural problems, parental symptoms of psychological distress and family interaction
By Helene Bygholm Christensen, PhD, Psychology (p.326)

Essays on Nonlinear Econometric Time Series Modelling
By Christian Møller Dahl, PhD, Economics (p.329)

Gender and Power in Care
By Hanne Marlene Dahl, PhD, Political Science (p.332)

Aspects of Income Distribution in a Labour Market Perspective
By Mette Caroline Deding, PhD, Economics (p.335)

Testing the Null Hypothesis of Cointegration
By Michael Jansson, PhD, Economics (p.338)

Aspects of Economic Growth and the Distribution of Wealth
By Svend Jespersen, Phd, Economics (p.340)

Understanding the Therapeutic Process and Therapeutic Effect Factors in Psycho-Dynamic Psychotherapy - a Contribution
By Carsten René Jørgensen, PhD, Psychology (p.342)

Economic Integration and Industrial Location in Unionized Countries
By Jakob Roland Munch, PhD, Economics (p.345)

Tax-Aversion - a Sociology of Law and Tax Policy Analysis with Emphasis on the Tax Base
By Frank Høgholm Pedersen, PhD, Law (p.349)

See also other dissertations (p.575)

Faculty of Health Sciences


Aspects of Glucocorticoid Effects on Brain Tumours and Peritumoural Oedema
By Claus Andersen, dr.med. (p.28)

Motor Function in Diabetes Mellitus
By Henning Andersen, dr.med. (p.32)

Image Analysis, Aligning and 3-D Reconstruction of Serial Sections Applied to the Hippocampal Region of the Rabbit and the Rat
By Arne Andreasen, dr.med. (p.36)

Prediction of High-Risk Disease in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Identification of clinico-pathologic and molecular pretreatment prognostic factors in specific patient subsets
By Francesco d'Amore, dr.med. (p.40)

Lipoprotein(a): A Genetic Risk Marker for Atherosclerotic Diseases - the Ethnic Variability, and the Influence of Genetic and Environmental Factors on Lipoprotein(a) Concentrations in Blood
By Ib Christian Klausen, dr.med. (p.44)

Molecular Dissection of Mycoplasma Hominis
By Søren A. Ladefoged, dr.med. (p.51)

Stereological Methods and their Application in Kidney Research
By Jens Randel Nyengaard, dr.med. (p.54)

Calcium-Phosphate Coatings for Fixation of Bone Implants. Evaluated mechanically and histologically by stereological methods
By Søren Overgaard, dr.med. (p.63)

Velocity Fields and Wall Shear Stresses in the Normal Abdominal Aorta. Implications for Atherogenesis
By Erik Morre Pedersen, dr.med. (p.67)

Activation of Detrusor. Hyperreflexia in spinal cord disease
By Thor Petersen, dr.med. (p.73)

Schizophrenia and Enunciation. An investigation of thought disturbances in schizophrenia
By Bent Rosenbaum, dr.med. (p.77)

Experimental Neurotoxicity of Mercury. Autometallographic and stereological studies on rat dorsal root ganglion and spinal cord
By Jørgen Drasbæk Schiønning, dr.med. (p.81)

Hemodynamics of the Human Pulmonary Artery. Implications for transesophageal pulsed. Doppler derived cardiac output measurements
By Erik Sloth, dr.med., PhD (p.85)

Effects of Human Jaw-Muscle Pain on Somatosensory and Motor Function: Experimental Studies and Clinical Implications
By Peter Svensson, dr.odont. (p.88)

The Effect of Glucocorticoid and Growth Hormone on the Skeletal System in Young Growing Rats
By Gitte Ørtoft, dr.med. (p.92)

MR Residue Detection: Modeling Cerebral Blood Flow and Flow Heterogeneity. With special reference to acute stroke
By Leif Østergaard, dr.med. (p.94)


Migratory Activity of Human Corneal Fibroblasts
By Jens Lundgaard Andresen, PhD, Medical Science (p.153)

Monitoring Oral Anticoagulant Therapy: Measuring Coagulant Activity
By Jørn Attermann, PhD, Medical Science (p.155)

Inhalation of Hepari. Aerosol characterisation, lung deposition and effect on systemic coagulation and lung function in healthy volunteers
By Karen Elisabeth Bendstrup, PhD, Medical Science (p.158)

Association Study of Candidate Genes of Possible Importance for the Pathophysiology of Bipolar Affective Disorder
By Troels Gram Bruun, PhD, Medical Science (p.162)

The Effect of Growth Hormone and Aging on the Biomechanical Properties and the Biochemical Composition of the Rat Aorta
By Annemarie Brüel, PhD, Medical Science (p.164)

Shift Work and Heart Disease. Epidemiological and risk factor aspects
By Henrik Bøggild, PhD, Medical Science (p.166)

Noninvasive Paediatric Cardiac Output Measurement using Doppler Echocardiography: Surface Integration of Velocity Vectors
By Michelle Sook-Leng Chew, PhD, Medical Science (p.170)

Regulation of Aquaporin-2 in Rat Kidneys in Physiological and Pathophysiological Conditions
By Birgitte Mønster Christensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.173)

Chromosomal Instability in Bladder and Colon Cancer. Studies involving microsatellites
By Mariann Christensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.176)

The Cellular Inflammatory Response Associated with Cardiopulmonary Bypass. An experimental study in neonatal pigs
By Vibeke Brix Christensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.179)

Studies of Pharmacological and Functional Properties of Ionotropic non-NMDA Glutamate Receptors and Correlation with Molecular Basis
By Weimin Dai, PhD, Medical Science (p.181)

Effects of vitamin D on Human Epidermal Langerhans Cells
By Tomas Norman Dam, PhD, Medical Science (p.185)

Biomechanical and Morphometric Properties of the Porcine Common Bile Duct. Development of a model of biliary tract obstruction
By Birgitte Uldall Duch, PhD, Medical Science (p.189)

Autonomic Neuropathy in Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus, Autoimmune and Clinical Aspects
By Niels Ejskjær, PhD, Medical Science (p.191)

Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein 1 (MCP-1) in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Temporal Arteritis/Polymyalgia rheumatica
By Torkell Juulsgaard Ellingsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.193)

Impact of Parental Type 2 Diabetes on 24-h Ambulatory Blood Pressure, the Cardiac Autonomic Nervous System and Endothelial Function
By Anne-Catherine Hauerslev Foss, PhD, Medical Science (p.195)

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Relation to Shoulder and Hand Intensive Work
By Poul Frost, PhD, Medical Science (p.197)

Hyperhomocysteinemia and Thrombosis: Studies of Genetic Implications
By Mette Gaustadnes, PhD, Medical Science (p.199)

From Unit to Unit. A phenomenological study of the content of nursing when transferring small children to and from an intensive care unit
By Elisabeth O. C. Hall, PhD, Nursing (p.201)

The Effect of Life Events on Sex Ratio and Congenital Malformations - a register-based study
By Dorthe Hansen, PhD, Medical Science (p.205)

Substance Use Disorders among Hospitalised Patients in Denmark
By Søren Søberg Hansen, PhD, Medical Science (p.207)

Exposure of Humans in Climate Chamber Experiments. Exposure to dust and exposure to emissions from floor materials
By Pernille Hauschildt, PhD, Medical Science (p.210)

Aspects of Perioperative Treatment in Abdominal Surgery
By Morten Gaarden Henriksen, PhD, Medical Science (p.213)

Renal Hemodynamic Changes in Experimental Unilateral Ureter Obstruction: Effects of Angiotensin II and Calcium Antagonists
By Jan Jørgen Hvistendahl, PhD, Medical Science (p.217)

Short-term Synaptic Plasticity in the GABAergic Synapse
By Kimmo Jensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.219)

Bladder Squamous Cell Carcinomas. Proteomic identification of cellular differentiation markers and urinary follow-up markers
By Morten Østergaard Jensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.222)

Synthesis of Recombinant MASP and MBL. A basis for functional studies of complement activation through the MBL pathway
By Thomas Vorup Jensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.224)

Risk or Chance - Important Factors in Women's Choice of Whether to Participate in a Prophylactic Programme for Cervical Cancer or Not
By Ulla Jeppesen, PhD, Medical Science (p.226)

Patients with Musculoskeletal Illness in General Practice. An analysis with the emphasis on mental health issues
By Carsten Krogh Jørgensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.228)

Hearing in the Middle-aged. A Challenge to General Practice. A five-year intervention study including audiometric screening in a Danish rural population aged 30-50 years
By Bo Karlsmose, PhD, Medical Science (p.231)

Gene Expression of the Serotonin and Norepinephrine Transporters. The effect of serotonin depletion and treatments with antidepressants
By Karen Koed, PhD, Medical Science (p.234)

Colorectal Function in Patients with Spinal Cord Lesions
By Klaus Krogh, PhD, Medical Science (p.236)

The Development of Pain in the Neck and Shoulders among Women Doing Monotonous Repetitive Work
By Anette Kærgaard, PhD, Medical Science (p.238)

Small Bowel Adenocarcinoma and Carcinoid Tumour: Occupational, Medical and Lifestyle Associations and Genetic Susceptibility. A European population-based case-control study
By Linda Kærlev, PhD, Medical Science (p.240)

Male Fecundity Following Occupational and Dietary Exposure to Pesticides
By Solveig Brixen Larsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.243)

The Arg506Gln Mutation (FV Leiden) in Blood Coagulation Factor V and Resistance to Activated Protein C in Denmark - Aspects of Methodology, Epidemiology and Therapy
By Torben Bjerregaard Larsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.246)

Neo-Osteogenesis by Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)
By Natalia Lioubavina, PhD, Odontology (p.249)

Impact of Patient and Relative Education on Knowledge, Satisfaction with Services and Clinical Outcome in Schizophrenia
By Lars-Bertil Merinder, PhD, Medical Science (p.251)

Cued and Non-cued Repetitive Ballistic Movements. A kinematic study in healthy controls and patients with Parkinson's disease
By Poul Henning Mogensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.254)

The Effect of Calcium Channel Blockers, Nitrendipine and Nisoldipine, on Renal Changes in Experimental Diabetes in Rats
By Birgitte Nielsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.256)

Implementation and Development of 1 H and 13 C Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Methods for Studying Tumour Metabolism
By Flemming Ulrich Nielsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.258)

Optimal Pacing Mode in Patients with Sick Sinus Syndrome. On the consequences of implanting a ventricular lead
By Jens Cosedis Nielsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.261)

New Techniques in the Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: Results of a Randomised Study of Transurethral Microwave Thermo Therapy in Terstitial Laser Coagulation of the Prostate and Standard Transurethral Operation for Symptomatic BPH
By Bettina Nørby, PhD, Medical Science (p.264)

Continuous Vectorcardiography ST-Segment Monitoring. A methodological and clinical evaluation
By Bjarne Linde Nørgaard, PhD, Medical Science (p.268)

Effects of Growth Hormone on Protein Metabolism during Dietary Restriction. Studies in normal, GH-Deficient and obese subjects
By Helene Wiggers Nørrelund, PhD, Medical Science (p.270)

Early Environment and Atopic Dermatitis. The possible influence of measles, mumps and rubella vaccination, measles infection, hormonal contraception use and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
By Anne Braae Olesen, PhD, Medical Science (p.272)

The Role of the Na + -K + Pump in the Maintenance of Excitability and Contractility in Skeletal Muscle
By Kristian Overgaard, PhD, Medical Science (p.274)

Nursing Practice, Language and Cognition
By Birthe D. Pedersen, PhD, Nursing (p.277)

The Greenlandic Autopsy Study. Atheroclerosis and intracerebral hemorrhage in relation to the fatty acid composition in adipose tissue and validation of causes of death
By Henning Sloth Pedersen, PhD, Medical Science (p.279)

Coercion in Psychiatry. The diagnostic pattern, patients' perceived coercion, and validation of the official statistics on involuntary commitments
By Henrik Day Poulsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.282)

Neurohormonal, Metabolic and Cardio-Vascular Aspects of Treatment with a Vasodilating β-Blocker in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure
By Jens Refsgaard, PhD, Medical Science (p.285)

Mechanisms Determining Myogenic Properties of Small Arteries. Role of ion channels and protein kinases
By Rudolf Schubert, PhD, Medical Science (p.289)

Wound Healing in Rats with Experimental Diabetes - Influence of Growth Hormone. Analysis of healing skin wounds and colonic anastomoses
By Mikkel Seyer-Hansen, PhD, Medical Science (p.292)

Impedance Cardiography
By Henrik Skovbon, PhD, Medical Science (p.294)

Expression of Cd13 and Cd33 in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
By Karen Dybkær Sørensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.296)

Structure-Function Relationships in the Ca 2+ -ATPase of the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum. A mutational study
By Thomas Lykke-Møller Sørensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.299)

The Effect of Acrylamide on the Primary Sensory Neurons in Rats
By Trine Tandrup, PhD, Medical Science (p.302)

The Role of Mechanical Factors in Pharmacodynamic Studies on Porcine Coronary Arteries. Introduction of the bimodal applicability of impedance planimetry
By László B. Tankó, PhD, Medical Science (p.305)

Mortality, Infections and Operative Risk in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis in Denmark. Clinical epidemiological studies
By Ane Marie Thulstrup, PhD, Medical Science (p.308)

Development of an EGFr mRNA Analysis. A possible marker in human bladder cancer
By Vibeke Bech Thøgersen, PhD, Medical Science (p.309)

Computerised Monitoring of Transfusion Practices. A survey of two university hospitals
By Kjell Einar Titlestad, PhD, Medical Science (p.312)

Prediction of Changes in Bone Mineral in Early Postmenopausal Women
By Peter Vestergaard, PhD, Medical Science (p.316)

Partial Unilateral Ureteral Obstruction in Rats
By Jian Guo Wen, PhD, Medical Science (p.318)

Telomerase Activity and Telomere Length in Lymphocytes from Patients with Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma and Inflammatory Skin Diseases
By Kaida Wu, PhD, Medical Science (p.320)

The Human Placenta - Immunological Significance of Human Placental Interferons and Natural Killer Cells
By Milan Zdravkovic, PhD, Medical Science (p.323)

Methodological Aspects of Cerebral Blood Flow Measurements. With special reference to monitoring anti-edema drug action in brain tumor patients
By Leif Østergaard, PhD, Medical Science (p.324)

See also other dissertations (p.575)

Faculty of Arts


The Parsing System 'Palavras'. Automatic grammatical analysis of Portuguese in a constraint grammar framework
By Eckhard Bick, dr.phil. (p.16)

IT and Business. A history of Scandinavian Airlines SAS
By Jens Christensen, dr.phil. (p.21)

Hvør av øðrum. Samanseting, frásøgn og millumtekstleiki í føroyskari skaldsøgu eftir 1970. (From One Another. Composition, Narration and Transtextuality in the Faroese Novel after 1970)
By Malan Marnersdóttir, dr.phil. (p.24)

See also other dissertations (p.575)


Interaction in Intercultural Communication. Studies on the interactive construction of disagreement in business negotiations between Germans and Danes
By Birte Asmuß, PhD (p.111)

Asking for Blessings, Warding off Misfortune. The poetics and politics of rituals in a Muslim community in Central Java
By Vibeke Marie Asmussen, PhD (p.115)

The Intellectual: On the Textualization of the Intellectual
By Niels Brügger, PhD (p.117)

The Place-Name Element Old Norse bólstaðr. An interdisciplinary study of the development of, and change in, place-names which contain the generic -'bólstaðr', from their origin in Norway to their dissemination to the North Atlantic and elsewhere
By Peder Gammeltoft, PhD (p.121)

The French Europe
By Ulla Holm, PhD (p.125)

Liberal Education and Scholarship in Denmark in the 19th Century. Reform, nationalisation, professionalisation
By Claus Møller Jørgensen, PhD (p.129)

Defending Science: 'Genuine Scientific Men' and the Limits of Natural Knowledge
By Peter C. Kjærgaard, PhD (p.133)

Sustainable Tourism Development. Case studies from the Eastern Caribbean
By Janne Jørgensen Liburd, PhD (p.137)

Styleless Style. Adolf Loos and the importance of history for modern nerves
By Anders V. Munch, PhD (p.140)

General Practitioners in Denmark 1800-1910. The historical basis of general practice
By Nick Nyland, PhD (p.143)

Margins in the Mainstream. Changes in sexual behavior, in the representation of nudity and sexual behavior in popular film, and in mainstream public discourse between 1965 and 1980
By Jody Pennington, PhD (p.147)

Dante Impositor. On the origins of poetry and language in Dante and the Modistae
By Hanne Roer, PhD (p.149)

See also other dissertations (p.575)