Aarhus Universitets segl

Doctorates and PhDs 2001

Oversigt over doktorgrader og Ph.D.-grader tildelt af Aarhus Universitet.

Faculty of Science


Towards Computational Electrochemistry A Kineticists Perspective
By L.K Bieniasz, dr.scient. (p.72)

Some Applications of Transition Metal-Based Single Electron Reducing Agents in Organic Synthesis
By Troels Skrydstrup, dr.scient. (p.78)


Augmenting the Web through Open Hypermedia. The development of the Arakne Environment, a collaborative open hypermedia system for web augmentation
By Niels Olof Bouvin, PhD (p.428)

Studies of Electrical Plasma Discharges
By Casper V. Budtz-Jørgensen, PhD (p.432)

Cloning and Characterisation of an Endo 1,4 ?-glucanase cDNA from Nicotiana tabacum By Lone Bæk, PhD (p.437)

Effects of Grazing on the Butterfly Fauna in Denmark
By Peter Rostgaard Christensen, PhD (p.439)

Patterns in Software Development
By Aino Corry, PhD (p.442)

Function and Molecular Characterisation of ATP-Sensitive Potassium Ion Channels. Analysis of the pancreatic ?-cell KATP channel
By Michael Adam Dabrowski, PhD (p.444)

Spectroscopic Analysis of Delta Scuti Stars
By Thomas Heissel Dall, PhD (p.447)

Using Theory to Make Better Tools
By Niels Damgaard, PhD (p.450)

On Static and Dynamic Control- Flow Information in Program Analysis and Transformation
By Daniel Damian, PhD (p.451)

Expression of the Human Elongation Factor 1A Isoforms in Three Eukaryotic Systems: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Podospora anserina and Human Cell Culture
By Agnieszka Danielewicz, PhD (p.453)

Multiparty Computations Information- Theoretically Secure against an Adaptive Adversary
By Stefan Dziembowski, PhD (p.455)

Retroviral Entry A Receptor Study
By Kasper Dreyer Engkilde, PhD (p.457)

Impurity-Point Defect Complexes: Diffusion Studies in Si and SiGe, and Electrical Studies in Ge
By Jacob Fage-Pedersen, PhD (p.459)

Nitrogen Uptake By Aquatic Macrophytes
By Nina Cedergreen Forchhammer, PhD (p.463)

Quantitative Dynamic Modelling of Basin Development in the Central and Eastern North Sea Region. Coaxial stretching and strain localisation
By Susanne Frederiksen, PhD (p.466)

Trigonometric Functional Equations on Groups
By Peter de Place Friis, PhD (p.469)

Molecular Interactions and Functional Properties of Turtle Hemoglobins
By Sebastian Frische, PhD (p.472)

Three-dimensional Thermomechanical Modelling Applied to the Post-mid Cretaceous Eastern North Sea Region
By Lykke Gemmer, PhD (p.476)

Sorgenfri Gletscher Sill Complex, East Greenland. Solidification mechanisms of sheetlike bodies and the role of sill complexes in large igneous provinces
By Per Gisselø, PhD (p.479)

Topics in Semantics-based Program Manipulation
By Bernd Grobauer, PhD (p.481)

Differential Expression of Genes Involved in Gravitropism in Plant Roots
By Iben Anne Hansen, PhD (p.484)

Atomic-scale Characterisation of a Model Catalytic System: Pd Nanocrystals Supported on A1 2 O 3 /NiA1(110)
By Kim Højrup Hansen, PhD (p.486)

Synthesis of some Iminosugars and Studies of some Glycosidase Inhibitor Interactions
By Steen Uldall Hansen, PhD (p.489)

Sensitivity of Seismic Wave Forms to Structure and Lithology
By Thomas Mejer Hansen, PhD (p.491)

The 2-5-Oligoadenylate System
By Rune Hartmann, PhD (p.494)

Single- and Multi-Species Ion Coulomb Crystals: Structures, Dynamics and Sympathetic Cooling
By Liv Haahr Hornekær, PhD (p.496)

Analysing Real-Time Systems: Theory and Tools
By Thomas Seidelin Hune, PhD (p.500)

Dynamic Processes in Molecules
By Marie Jensby Jensen, PhD (p.503)

Robust and Flexible Scheduling with Evolutionary Computation
By Mikkel T. Jensen, PhD (p.506)

Dynamics in Complex Media
By Sune Nørhøj Jespersen, PhD (p.508)

Electrodeposition on the EQCM. Pyrophosphate as an alternative to cyanide for copper, zinc and brass plating in electrochemical research and industry
By Kim Johannsen, PhD (p.511)

Games for Verification: Algorithmic Issues
By Marcin Jurdzinski, PhD (p.514)

Methods in Laser Cooling: Ion Traps and Storage Rings
By Niels Kjærgaard, PhD (p.517)

The Citronen Fjord Sedimentary Exhalative Sulphide Deposit, North Greenland. A study of primary and diagenetic textures, oxygen and carbon isotopes, and fluid inclusions
By Karsten Kragh, PhD (p.521)

Genetic and Physical Mapping of the Sym16 Locus Involved in Regulation of Lateral Root Formation and Root Nodule Development in Lotus japonicus
By Lene Krusell, PhD (p.524)

Soil Moisture, Evapotranspiration and Groundwater Recharge in Forest and Heathland
By Ulla Lyngs Ladekarl, PhD (p.527)

Linear-Scaling Algorithms and Full Configuration-Interaction Benchmarking
By Helena Larsen, PhD (p.530)

Late Cenozoic Evolution of the Central Chile Forearc Margin (32°S-34°S). Tectonic and depositional responses to subduction of the Juan Fernández Ridge
By Jane Laursen, PhD (p.533)

Splicing Independent Nuclear mRNA Export
By Susan Lis Kongstad Lindtner, PhD (p.535)

Recognition of Splice Sites and Polyadenylation Signals in Precursor Messenger RNA
By Mette Katrine Lund, PhD (p.537)

Effects of Prey Availability and Nutrient Quality on Spiders
By David Mayntz, PhD (p.539)

Computation of Policies for Inventory Systems
By Philip Melchiors, PhD (p.541)

Crystallographic Studies of Clean and Alkali-covered Metal and Semiconductor Surfaces
By Anders Mikkelsen, PhD (p.544)

Primer Binding Site Silencermediated Repression of Murine Leukemia Virus-vectors in Embryonic Cells Analysed By PBS-tRNA Interactions and Shielding Assay
By Charlotte Modin, PhD (p.548)

The Recruitment of Juvenile Edible Mud Crabs Scylla olivacea into Mangrove Ecosystems in SE Asia
By Sean Michael Moser, PhD (p.550)

The Thermodynamics of Strongly Interacting Matter
By Gregers Rosenkrantz de Neergaard, PhD (p.554)

Tilting at Windmills. On Actorworlds, Socio-logics, and Technoeconomic Networks of Wind Power in Denmark, 1974-1999
By Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen, PhD (p.556)

On the Trace Homology and Algebraic K-Theory of Truncated Polynomial Algebras
By Kåre Nielsen, PhD (p.558)

A Study of Defunctionalisation and Continuation-Passing Style
By Lasse Reichstein Nielsen, PhD (p.561)

Point Process Models Allowing for Interaction and Inhomogeneity
By Linda Stougaard Nielsen, PhD (p.563)

Conformational Transitions of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 and its Target Proteinase Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator in Relation to the Serpin Inhibitory Mechanism
By Rikke Egelund Olsen, PhD (p.566)

Utilising the Versatility of X-ray Diffraction in Chemistry. Charge density analyses & structural correlations
By Jacob Overgaard, PhD (p.568)

Time-Space Trade-Offs
By Jakob Pagter, PhD (p.571)

Population Genetics: Comparisons of Different Techniques in Conservation Projects
By Cino Marco Pertoldi-Bianchi, PhD (p.573)

Dendritic Cell-based Therapy of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis
By Mikkel Steen Petersen, PhD (p.575)

Path Integral Centroid-based Approaches to Vibrational Energy Relaxation in Condensed Phases
By Jens Aage Poulsen, PhD (p.578)

Inversion of Airborne Transient Electromagnetic Data
By Lene Hjelm Poulsen, PhD (p.580)

Theoretical Studies of Spectroscopic Properties of Molecules in Gas-phase, Solution-phase and Polymeric Systems
By Tina D. Poulsen, PhD (p.582)

Investigations of the ANKA Injector: Lattice, Beam Properties and Performance
By Lars Præstegaard, PhD (p.585)

Higher-Order Program Generation
By Morten Rhiger, PhD (p.588)

Compression with Fast Random Access
By Flemming Friche Rodler, PhD (p.590)

Intermolecular Liquid Dynamics Studied by THz-Spectroscopy
By Cecilie Rønne, PhD (p.593)

VUV Spectroscopy of Atoms, Molecules and Surfaces
By Merete K. Raarup, PhD (p.597)

Multicriteria Analysis of Network and Location Problems
By Anders Jan Vinther Skriver, PhD (p.600)

An Investigation of Surface Electronic Structure and Electron- Phonon Interaction by Photoemission Spectroscopy
By Christian Skou Søndergaard, PhD (p.602)

Quantum Computation and Multi-particle Entanglement with Trapped Atoms and Ions
By Anders Søndberg Sørensen, PhD (p.606)

Regulation of Splicing in HIV-1
By Thomas Østergaard Tange, PhD (p.609)

Unifying Abstractions
By Mads Torgersen, PhD (p.611)

Analytical and Numerical Aspects of Experiment Design in NMR Spectroscopy
By Thomas Sabroe Untidt, PhD (p.613)

Mating System Evolution, Worker Reproduction and Symbiont Diversity in Attine Ants
By Palle Villesen, PhD (p.616)

Faculty of Theology


Life and Law. Martin Luthers Understanding of Christian Existence and the Challenge from the New Perspective on Paul
By Bo Kristian Holm, PhD (p.421)

Nature and Reason. A Study of Natural Law and Environmental Ethics
By Ulrik Becker Nissen, PhD (p.425)

See also other dissertations (p.619)

Faculty of Social Sciences


The Abuse of Rights in Danish Law of Property
By Jens Evald, dr.jur. (p.62)

Economic Institutions and Democratic Reform. A comparative analysis of postcommunist countries
By Ole Nørgaard, dr.scient.pol. (p.65)


Propagation of Nominal Shocks in Open Economies
By Niels Christian Beier, PhD, Economics (p.371)

The Meaning of Work, Leadership, Work Motivation and Job Satisfaction. A psychological study of industrial and agricultural sugar workers in Northeast Thailand
By Egill H. Bragason, PhD, Psychology  (p.373)

Partiality in the Danish Administration of Justice
By Michael Ellehauge, PhD, Law (p.374)

The Association between Eating Disorders and Personality Disorders
By Kristine Godt, PhD, Psychology (p.379)

How Politics Still Matters. Retrenchment of unemployment benefits, old-age pensions, and disability pensions/early-retirement benefits in Denmark and in the Netherlands from 1982 to 1998
By Christoffer Green-Pedersen, PhD, Political Science (p.382)

Studies in Financial Econometrics
By Charlotte Strunk Hansen, PhD, Economics (p.386)

The Self as Directedness. How Kohuts self psychology can be reformulated as a general psychological conceptualisation of basic forms of distinct human intentionality and applied as a framework for understanding psychodynamic dimensions of pedagogical relationships in primary schools
By Jan Tønnes Hansen, PhD, Psychology (p.390)

Essays on Endogenous Policies under Labour Union Influence and their Implications
By Rasmus Højbjerg Jacobsen, PhD, Economics (p.393)

Financial Models for Stocks, Interest Rates and Options: Theory and Estimation
By Morten Berg Jensen, PhD, Economics (p.397)

Public Debt a Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Pantefoged System and Its Collection of Debt
By Bettina Lemann Kristiansen, PhD, Law (p.399)

Goodwill Indemnity the Importance of Directive 86/653/EC for Self-employed Commercial Agents and Other Intermediaries
By Jørgen Lykkegaard, PhD, Law (p.402)

Internal Company Reorganisation
By Bent Ramskov, PhD, Law (p.405)

Applied Dynamic General Equilibrium Models. Essays on environmental regulation and economic growth
By Tobias N. Rasmussen, PhD, Economics  (p.410)

The Application of Search Models
By Michael Svarer, PhD, Economics (p.412)

Three Essays on the Propagation of Monetary Shocks in Open Economies
By Søren Vester Sørensen, PhD, Economics (p.416)

Causes and Consequences of Interruptions in the Labour Market
By Mette Verner, PhD, Economics (p.418)

See also other dissertations (p.619)

Faculty of Health Sciences


Laser Conization in the Management of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia and Microinvasive Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix
By Erik Søgaard Andersen, dr.med. (p.22)

Vascular and Metabolic Abnormalities in Patients with Angina Pectoris and Normal Coronary Angiograms
By Hans Erik Bøtker, dr.med. (p.26)

The Skeleton in Primary Hyperparathyroidism: A Review Focusing on Bone Remodeling, Structure, Mass, and Fracture
By Peer Christiansen, dr.med. (p.29)

Smoking and Smoking Cessation: The Influence of Personal Characteristics on Smoking Cessation, and the Relation between Inflammatory Parameters, Bronchial Reactivity and Lung function Loss in Smokers
By Erik Juel Jensen, dr.med. (p.33)

Varicocele Testis. Aspects of aetiology, semen quality and imaging studies
By Lars Lund, dr.med. (p.37)

Physiological and Clinical Aspects of Short-chain Fatty Acids in the Human and Rat Intestine
By Frank Viborg Mortensen, dr.med. (p.40)

Effects of Growth Hormone on Fluid Homeostasis. Clinical and experimental aspects
By Jens Møller, dr.med. (p.43)

Clinical Aspects of Left Ventricular Diastolic Function Assessed by Doppler Echocardiography following Acute Myocardial Infarction
By Steen Hvitfeldt Poulsen, dr.med. (p.46)

The Functions of the Corpus Callosum as Derived from Split-chiasm Studies in Cats
By Maurice Ptito, dr.med. (p. 50)

The In Vivo Regulation of Pulsatile Insulin Secretion
By Niels Pørksen, dr.med. (p.51)

Clinical Application of Newer Assays for Markers of Coagulation and Fibrinolysis in Upper Abdominal Surgery
By Hans B. Rahr, dr.med. (p.59)


Genetic and Epigenetic Aberrations in Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Myelodysplastic Syndromes
By Anni Aggerholm, PhD, Medical Science (p.133)

In vitro Growth, Cytokine Production and Susceptibility to Immunemodifying Drugs of In situ Activated Intestinal Mucosal T Cells in Crohns Disease
By Jørgen Agnholt, PhD, Medical Science (p.136)

L-Asparaginase Therapy of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Children in the Nordic Countries Clinical and Pharmacological Aspects
By Birgitte Klug Albertsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.138)

Phenotype Examination of Cultured Skin T Cells from Patients with Atopic Dermatitis Using a Cytokine-dependent In Vitro Model
By Karen Bang, PhD, Medical Science (p.140)

Healing Peri-implant Bone Defects Following Treatment with Guided Tissue Regeneration
By Lone Bastholm, PhD, Medical Science (p.142)

Pregnancy Outcome Among Women with Schizophrenia. Pregnancy complications, delivery complications, and infant death
By Birgit Egedal Bennedsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.145)

Bordetella pertussis and Chlamydia pneumoniae in the Aetiology of Chronic Coughing in Otherwise Healthy Adults. A methodological and clinical study
By Niels H. Birkebæk, PhD, Medical Science (p.147)

Adult Bone Mass and Physiological Stress. A palaeoepidemiological study
By Lene Warner Boel, PhD, Medical Science (p.149)

Calibrated RT-PCR for Quantitation of mRNA. Expression of the Epidermal Growth Factor System in Rat Liver
By Mustafa Vakur Bor, PhD, Medical Science (p.151)

Genotype-phenotype Relationships in Receptor Negative and Receptor Defective Heterozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia
By Jens Uffe Brorholt-Petersen, PhD, Medical Science (p.154)

Expression of IL-10 in Patients with Mycosis Fungoides Analysed by in Situ and in vitro Studies
By Line Buhl, PhD, Medical Science (p.158)

Functional Analysis of the Human α 1,3/4-fucosyltransferases. The role of potential N-glycosylation sites
By Lise Lotte Christensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.159)

Frequent Attenders at the Out-of- Hours Service in Denmark. Implementation of change in general practice
By Morten Bondo Christensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.162)

In Search of a Susceptibility Locus for Bipolar Affective Disorder on Chromosome 12q24
By Birte Degn, PhD, Medical Science (p.167)

Neuronal Changes in the Dorsal Raphe Nucleus in Depression?
By Karl-Anton Dorph-Petersen, PhD, Medical Science (p.170)

The Effect of Steroid Treatment on Hip Blood Flow in a Porcine Model
By Wolf Drescher, PhD, Medical Science (p.172)

Effects of Metoprolol on Cardiac Autonomic Function and 24-h Blood Pressure in ACE-Inhibitor Treated Type 1 Diabetic Patients with Abnormal Albuminuria
By Eva Ebbehøj, PhD, Medical Science (p.175)

Neonatal Hydronephrosis. An experimental study of functional and morphological aspects during development in response to unilateral partial ureteral obstruction
By Anni Eskild-Jensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.177)

Functional Properties of Resistance Arteries in Relation to Ovarian Function, NO and Vasoactive Substances
By Marianne Glavind-Kristensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.180)

Assessment and Pharmacological Modulation of Primary and Secondary Hyperalgesia. Experimental and clinical studies
By Hanne Gottrup, PhD, Medical Science (p.183)

Aspects of the Metabolic Response to Acute Pain in Humans
By Jacob Greisen, PhD, Medical Science (p.186)

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). In vitro studies of human granulosa cell function in a PCOS-like environment
By Susanne Greisen, PhD, Medical Science (p.188)

Investigation of the Impact of Genetic Variation in Hsp10 and Hsp60 Genes on Disease Mechanisms
By Jens Jacob Hansen, PhD, Medical Science (p.191)

Cryo-Compression. The effect of cryo-therapy and compression on postoperative pain, oedema and inflammation
By Mogens Strange Hansen, PhD, Medical Science (p.194)

Mental Illness in Medical Inpatients
By Morten Steen Hansen, PhD, Medical Science (p.196)

Masseter Inhibitory Reflex a Non-Nociceptive Response
By Peter Orm Hansen, PhD, Medical Science (p.199)

Identification of Vitamin D Responding Genes in Human Epidermal Keratinocytes and Psoriatic Skin by Differential Display
By Linda Østervig Henriksen, PhD, Medical Science (p.202)

Early Diastolic Left Ventricular Blood Flow Patterns. Assessment by Magnetic Resonance Velocity Mapping
By Kim Houlind, PhD, Medical Science (p.205)

Use of Plasma Methylmalonic Acid in Diagnosing Vitamin B-12 Deficiency
By Anne-Mette Hvas, PhD, Medical Science (p.208)

Quantification of Valvular Aortic Stenosis
By Hanne Ramløv Ivarsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.212)

The Relationship of Phenotype to Genotype in Coronary Heart Disease. Methods to study the complexity of the genetics of coronary heart disease with special reference to the phenotype
By Jesper Møller Jensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.214)

Pharmacological Regulation of Pulsatile Insulin Secretion in Type 2 Diabetes
By Claus B. Juhl, PhD, Medical Science (p.216)

Pain, Tenderness and Mobility in the Neck and Head Following Acute Whiplash Injury. A one-year prospective study
By Helge Kasch, PhD, Medical Science (p.217)

Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colorectal Cancer in West Denmark. Prospective population-based studies
By Niels Katballe, PhD, Medical Science (p.219)

Alcohol in Pregnancy in Relation to Risk of Spontaneous Abortion, Preterm Delivery and Fetal Death. Methodological and Aetiological Studies
By Ulrik Kesmodel, PhD, Medical Science (p.223)

Periapical and Endodontic Status in Danish Populations
By Lise-Lotte Kirkevang, PhD, Odontology (p.226)

Identification of Type 2 Diabetes Population in a Danish County and Evaluation of the Care Performed in a Five-year Period
By Jette Kolding Kristensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.229)

Identification and Molecular Characterization of Functional Regions in Cubilin
By Mette Kristiansen, PhD, Medical Science (p.231)

The Treatment of Renovascular Hypertension. Clinical and experimental studies with the emphasis on resistance vessels
By Stinne Kvist, PhD, Medical Science (p.234)

Nutritional Care of Medical Patients. A Study of Intervention
By Karin Ø. Lassen, PhD, Medical Science (p.237)

Predictive Parameters of Autologous Iliac Crest Bone Graft for Lumbar Spinal Fusion: Quantitative and In Vitro Qualitative Aspects
By Malene Laursen, PhD, Medical Science (p.239)

The Effects of Lithium Treatment on the Expression of Aquaporins and Sodium Transporters in Rat Kidney
By Ulla Britt Helt Laursen, PhD, Medical Science (p.242)

Time-Dependent Changes of Intestinal Morphology and Effects of Systemic Growth Hormone Treatment Following Extensive Small Bowel Resection. An experimental study in rats
By Ken Ljungmann, PhD, Medical Science (p.245)

Identification of Pathogenetic Mechanisms in Keratitis with Special Reference to Pseudomonas aeruginosa
By Jeanet A. Lomholt, PhD, Medical Science (p.247)

The Impact of Dietary Monounsaturated Fatty Acids on Pregnancy in Insulin-Dependent and Experimental Diabetes Mellitus
By Thea Lousen, PhD, Medical Science (p.250)

Phosphorylation of Na+/K+-ATPase by Protein Kinase A and Protein Kinase C: Functional Significance in Regulation
By Yasser Ahmed Mahmmoud, PhD, Medical Science (p.253)

Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Clinical and genetic investigations in a hereditary heart disease
By Jens Mogensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.258)

The Vasculature of Tumours as a Potential Target for Anti-cancer Therapy. A Preclinical Study in Animal Tumours
By Rumi Murata, PhD, Medical Science (p.263)

The Chlamydia outer Membrane Complex
By Per Holse Mygind, PhD, Medical Science (p.267)

Shared Care between Family Physicians and a Department of Oncology. Do Cancer Patients Benefit? A Randomized Controlled Trial
By Julie Damgaard Nielsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.270)

The Influence of Loop and Thiazide Diuretics on Calcium Homeostasis and Bone Metabolism
By Lars Rejnmark Nielsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.274)

The Regulation of Hepatic and Extrahepatic Glucose Metabolism in Type 2 Diabetic and Nondiabetic Subjects
By Michael Festersen Nielsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.277)

Megalin-mediated Endocytosis and Intracellular Transport of Transcobalamin-B12 in Renal Proximal Tubulus Cells
By Rikke Nielsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.280)

Regional Variation in Cardiac Diagnostic Activities in Two Danish Counties. An analysis of activities and therapeutic consequences in relation to the morbidity of ischemic heart disease and the organisation of the national health system
By Troels Niemann, PhD, Medical Science (p.284)

Iodine Intake and Pregnancy. Iodine intake and thyroid function in pregnant women and neonates in Denmark. Benefits and risks of iodine supplementation
By Susanne Backman Nøhr, PhD, Medical Science (p.286)

Quantification of rCBF by the Xe/CT CBF Method in Patients with Head Injuries. With special reference to the arterial input function and traumatic cerebral contusions
By Gorm Burckhard von Oettingen, PhD, Medical Science (p.289)

The Stromal Contribution to Early Hematopoiesis in Patients with Malignant Blood Diseases
By Gitte Olesen, PhD, Medical Science (p.292)

The Effect of Ulcerative Colitis and Familial Adenomatous Polyposis on Female Reproduction
By Kasper Ørding Olsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.295)

Respiratory Health Among Danish Farming Students. Association between configuration of the flow-volume curve, lung function, bronchial reactivity, asthma, allergy, and exposure in a cohort of Danish farming students
By Øyvind Omland, PhD, Medical Science (p.297)

Cirrhosis and Octreotide: Clinical Studies of Pharmacokinetics, Liver Cell Function, the IGF-I System, Portal Hypertension and Renal Function
By Lone Harild Ottesen, PhD, Medical Science (p.300)

Bacteremia in the County of North Jutland, Denmark, 1992-1997. With special reference to etiologic agent, focus of infection, antibiotic resistance, antibiotic therapy, and outcome
By Gitte Pedersen, PhD, Medical Science (p.302)

Membrane Potential and Intracellular Ca2+ in the Regulation of Vascular Tone by pH and During Vasomotion
By Hongli Peng, PhD, Medical Science (p.304)

Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasonic Imaging Part I, Measurement of Volumetric Flow & Part II, High-Frequency Non-Linear Imaging
By Jens Kristian Poulsen, PhD, Medical Science (p.308)

The Osteocyte. Morphometric studies
By Dorte Qvesel, PhD, Medical Science (p.312)

Effects of Ace Inhibition and Angiotensin Ii Receptor Blockade on Glucose-Related Metabolism in the Ischemic Porcine Myocardium
By Flemming Randsbæk, PhD, Medical Science (p.315)

Fluorescence Flow Cytometry in the Detection of Familial Hypercholesterolemia and Familial Defective Apolipoprotein B-100
By Bent Raungaard, MD (p.318)

Development of a Novel Episomal Expression Vector and Functional Testing of its Gene Therapeutic Potential in a Model System. Construction and evaluation of episomal vectors with multiple copies of oriP
By Aleksandra Rojek, PhD, Medical Science (p.321)

Lysophosphatidylcholine; Quantitation and Effects on T-lymphocytes and Keratinocytes
By Ane Kaltoft Ryborg, PhD, Medical Science (p.323)

Monitoring of the Clinical Course of Patients Referred for Imaging Suspected of Having a Lumbar Herniated Disc
By Berit Schiøttz-Christensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.326)

Asthma and Other Respiratory Diseases among Workers in the Furniture Industry Occupationally Exposed to Wood Dust
By Vivi Schlünssen, PhD, Medical Science (p.328)

Inflammation in Otitis Media with Effusion
By Lars Peter Schousboe, PhD, Medical Science (p.331)

Molecular and Cell Biological Analysis of the SNARE Protein SNAP-23 and the Regulator Proteins Hsr-2 and Rab3d
By Alok Shukla, PhD, Medical Science (p.334)

Follow-up Studies of Prenatal, Perinatal and Postnatal Risk Factors in Infantile Colic
By Charlotte Søndergaard, PhD, Medical Science (p.337)

Markers of Inflammation and Fibrosis in Systemic Sclerosis. Cross-sectional studies with focus on the suction blister technique
By Klaus Henrik Søndergaard, PhD, Medical Science (p.339)

The Influence of Nerve Growth Factors on Regeneration of the Peripheral Nerves Studies of nerve regeneration after crush in p75 receptor knockout mice
By Bodil Sørensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.343)

Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex: Molecular and Functional Characterisation of the Mutational Spectrum in Danish Patients
By Charlotte Brandt Sørensen, PhD, Medical Science (p.345)

Sinusitis. Prevalence, Diagnostics and Etiology in HIV-1 Infected Patients and Immunocompetent Individuals
By Britta Damgaard Tarp, PhD, Medical Science (p.348)

Dental Caries, Oral Hygiene and Dietary Habits. A study of 2 to 6-year-old Buddhist and Muslim Thai children
By Songchai Thitasomakul, PhD, Odontology (p.350)

Prescription of Systemic Antibiotics for Danish Children. Epidemiological studies of prescription prevalence, risk factors and relation to antimicrobial resistance
By Nana Thrane, PhD, Medical Science (p.353)

Cross Talk through Chemokines between Keratinocytes and Lymphocytes in Atopic Dermatitis
By Christian Vestergaard, PhD, Medical Science (p.355)

Relaxin and Preterm Delivery
By Ida Vogel, PhD, Medical Science (p.357)

Conventional and Experimental Antidepressant Augmentation. Preclinical studies of lithium and inhibitors of nitric oxide synthase
By Gregers Wegener, PhD, Medical Science (p.359)

Clinical, Morphological and Biochemical Correlates of Chronic Reversible Ischemic Myocardial Dysfunction in Patients with Stable Angina Pectoris
By Henrik Wiggers, PhD, Medical Science (p.362)

Processing of Capsaicin Pain and Brush-evoked Allodynia in Humans
By Nanna Witting, PhD, Medical Science (p.365)

Hyperhomocysteinemia and Atherosclerosis in ApoE-deficient Mice
By Ji Zhou, PhD, Medical Science (p.369)

See also other dissertations (p.619)

Faculty of Arts


Unity in Diversity? Eurovisions and Minorities
By Lisanne Wilken, dr.phil. (p. 19)


Images of Wisdom and Foolishness: Stages in the Progression from Ignorance to Enlightenment in the Honglou meng
By Lene Sønderby Bech, PhD (p.83)

The Borders of Human Life: Autonomy, Dignity and Well-Being in the Borderland of Euthanasia and Genetic Technology
By Morten Dige, PhD (p.86)

Sounding Speech. Studies in the stile monodico of the first court operas in the light of late Renaissance rhetoric reception
By Jette Barnholdt Hansen, PhD (p.89)

As Many Reports. As Many Questions. Workers life historical stories as a learning process
By Kirsten Folke Harrits, PhD (p.93)

The Dialect of Alcman: History of the Language and the Text
By George Hinge, PhD (p.96)

Roman Imperial Statue Bases
By Jakob Munk Højte, PhD (p.100)

Italian Si Constructions
By Mette Wigh Jensen, PhD (p.104)

Architectures Mystical Gaze. Hagioscopy, reception and visual culture on the Iberian Peninsula in the early Middle Ages
By Hans Henrik Lohfert Jørgensen, PhD (p.107)

The Tone of Literature
By Marie Lund Klujeff, PhD (p.111)

Introductory Terms of Subordinate Clauses in French, Italian and Spanish
By Rikke Larsen, PhD (p.114)

James Joyce and Walter Benjamin Construction of a Difference
By Jacob K. Nielsen, PhD (p.116)

The Fireplace as the Centre of Life. Functional and ideological aspects of Arctic hearths
By Ulla Odgaard, PhD (p.119)

Childhood between Children and Professionals. An anthropological study of relations between (8-10 year-old) childrens experiences and professional interpretations of childhood at a school, an after-school-institution and a hospital childrens ward
By Susanne Højlund Pedersen, PhD (p.123)

Ex Libris Literature in Media Urbanity. Media-realistic readings of urban novels and digital literature: Balzacs panorama, cinematographic Los Angeles novels, and writing the scripted spaces of the computer networks
By Søren Pold, PhD (p.125)

A Feather in The Cap. The Møllen Theatre 1974-1999
By Claus Chr. Reiche, PhD (p.129)

See also other dissertations (p.619)