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Folkeuniversitetet in English

Folkeuniversitetet in Aarhus is pleased to welcome you to an ongoing initiative – a series of lectures in English. These lectures treat various aspects of Danish culture and they aim to address people of all nationalities. Folkeuniversitetet is a meeting place for both scientific knowledge and social interaction, and is open to everyone. All lectures begin at 20.00 and last for 1 hour, after which there is an opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones, and to discuss the content over a cup of tea or coffee.

Thursday 23 September: Why do people age? Associate Professor Suresh Rattan,
Molecular Biology, Aarhus University

Monday 27 September: Atheism and Religion in Danish Society. Associate Professor Phil Zuckerman, California State University

Monday 1 November: Danish Architecture and Design. Head of Department Jørgen Rasmussen, Department of Design, Aarhus School of Architecture

Thursday 11 November:
The Danish Society. Social Trust and the Welfare State
Professor Gert Tinggaard Svendsen, Political Science, Aarhus University

Thursday 18 November:
Christmas Traditions. Curator Benno Blæsild, Fregatten Jylland

Thursday 25 November:
Innovation and Creativity. Consultant Lars Frølund, OutReach, Aarhus University