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International Radio podcasts (2010-2011)

Get to know the international community at Aarhus University (AU) with the UNIvers International Podcast. This is where you can hear foreigners in Aarhus chat about what they are doing at AU, what’s going on back home, and what they think about everything – from the Danish language to foreign affairs.

03.08.2011 | Internationale radio podcasts

Doping and sports

Verner Møller, a professor at the Institute for Sports Science, talks with UNIvers about the upcoming conference, "Anti-Doping: Rational Policy or Moral Panic?" Møller talks about the rationale behind the conference, and doping in general.

18.07.2011 | Internationale radio podcasts

Digging around

Andres Dobat, an archaeologist from AU, talks with UNIvers from the site of a dig in Fusing, Germany. Dobat talks about what he and his team are finding, from currency to weapons, and what it means for the history of the region.

29.06.2011 | Internationale radio podcasts

Food for thought

Klaus Grunert, a professor of Marketing and Statistics and an expert on the food sector, talks with UNIvers about food and the food industry. Grunert touches on everything from Doner Kebab to E Coli to the difficulties of marketing healthy food.

24.05.2011 | Internationale radio podcasts

Euro-Krone relations

Economics professor Torben Andersen talks about the Danish krone and the euro. He discusses the reasons Denmark doesn't use the euro, and what might happen to Denmark if euro zone woes cause the euro to plummet.

23.05.2011 | Internationale radio podcasts

Behind France's Burka Ban

Mehdi Mozaffari, a political science professor and head of AU's Center for Islamic Studies and Radicalization, breaks down the history of France's burka ban, and talks about what -- if anything -- it might mean for Denmark and the rest of Europe.

18.05.2011 | Internationale radio podcasts

Concerning anxiety

Mikael Thastum from the Dep't of Psychology talks about a DKK 4.5 million grant he received to conduct research on treating anxiety in children. Thastum discusses the study, and everything from Danish health-care to the use of "head meds" on kids.

18.05.2011 | Internationale radio podcasts

Marriage Market

Michael Svarer, an economics professor at AU, talks with Univers about applying ecnomics to marriage, and why -- economically speaking -- people get married and stay married (or don't). He also discusses the recession as a factor in relationships.

31.03.2011 | Internationale radio podcasts

Velgørenhedsarrangement for japanske ofre

UNIvers taler med Moemi Nagasaki, som er udvekslingsstudent fra Japan og arrangør af et velgørenhedsarrangement, som skal samle penge ind til genopbygningsarbejdet i Japan.

31.03.2011 | Internationale radio podcasts

Danmark og Libyen

Tonny Brems Knudsen fortæller om Danmarks deltagelse i den militære koalition i Libyen.

24.03.2011 | Internationale radio podcasts

Et kvantespring fremad

Hør om kvantecomputere, og hvad de kommer til at betyde for den teknologiske udvikling

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