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University International Club: Egaa Engsoe

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Onsdag 24. juli 2013,  kl. 11:00 - 13:00


Parking lot, Viengevej 7, 8240 Risskov

Meet up 11 am to 11.15 am with Karen Hoffmann and Lis Korsbjerg at the Parking lot, Viengevej 7, 8240 Risskov.

From here we continue to the acitivity area with shelters and fireplace, some 700 m. At the activity area we will enjoy nature, bird watching, take a walk, play games and not to forget together make a fire going and bake the special breads, snobrød.

- Once introduced to the area you will see it as a great place to walk (5 km around the lake), designated bike routes, also a  nice area to know for all children of all ages!

Bring something to drink and a small bag - the snobrød is what is offered and fresh air usually makes us hungry!

How to get there:

Take bus 18 till Vejlbjergvej, continue to walk in the direction of the lake - 10 minutes! Or easier, join someone with a car!

Please sign up before July 24th to

lis.friis@korsbjerg.dk or Karen.Hoffmann@stofanet.dk (2442 0625)

We are looking forward to meeting you there and spend a couple of hours in hopefully gentle summer weather.

Read more about University International Club (UIC) on www.au.dk/uic